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Terms and general conditions of use

The present general conditions of use are applicable to the services online developed by TermasWorld including the subscription to its informative bulletins, in their different editions. These general conditions will always remain accessible to our users by lynks and buttons ready for this purpose in this website. The careful reading of these conditions is recommended for the correct use of contents and services provided by TermasWorld. The use of these contents and services imply the acceptance of the present conditions. The nonfulfilment of the use conditions here mentioned would suppose the immediate website access suppression.


Personal use of this service

The authorization for the use of contents and services of this site is personal and untransferable. In no case it supposes the possible cession of this authorization to third party, and that implies that you are responsible for the use of this service.

You commit not to use, in any case, an obscene languaje, indecent or offensive or to provide false, scandalous or abusive information. At the same time you accept not to include in this site any type of cryptographic material, not authorized publicity, as well as any other activity that attempts against the privacy of people, or constitute a crime, by the violation of anyone of the local, national or international laws.

The use of contents and services of this site suppose the acceptance of these conditions and laws, becoming,otherwise, the object of the corresponding legal actions that shuold be resolved in the pertinent courts to such an effect.

The use of this site does not authorize the access to the hosting of suppliers , under any limitation, by means of the use of password of administrator's access, or any other method that is not the established one for that purpose, by means of the use of a web navigator and its corresponding http requests.

You are responsible for any material type exposed in this site, included but not limited, to: texts, pictures, videos or sounds that must respect in any case the royalties, normative on marks, commercial secrets or any other right of property of third party, or the publication under the possessor's authorization (or possessors) of these rights.

The contents provided in this site

They are exclusively for the personal use. This site contains material subject to the normative of copyright. Under no circumstance is authorized to the commercial use or any other not authorized use of this material by means of publication, cession, distribution, etc. of the material obtained through this site, except uses allowed by the normative in force.

You accept not to interfere, to modify or to intervene this site, as well as their software, hardware and hostings, in no case, as well as to impede or to interfere in the use carried out by third party. Neither will alter or will manipulate the site by means of informations, materials or related elements.

Material published by the user

The information, opinions or comments published en any prepared space for it, do not imply an exclusive character of these spaces. The supplier of this service keeps the right to use, to reproduce, to modify, to translate, to transmit or to distribute any information or material you provide, or sent to the service by means of the established ways, or by any other one mean already existing or to be developed in the future, for any possible use of the such spaces, included in the commercial use. Any information or material given or transmitted to this service, is subject to the normative of privacy approved by TermasWorld, being accessible at any time by the connections dessigned for such an effect in this site.

Copyright commits to respect in all circunstances, the intellectual property of third party, and asks theirs users to respect these rights in the same form. can in certain circumstances and to their total discretion, refuse the access to its contents of those users and suscripbers if they infringe the laws concerning intellectual property.

If you consider that some of yours works has been copied and is available in this service so that it infringes the laws, or you discovers lynks toward third websites that infringe equally the applicable normative in this matter, please,contact Termasworld and notify this situation through anyone of following possible means:

Mail Service :

c/ Actriz Encarna Mañez, 3, Pta, 26
46022 Valencia

Teleph/Fax: +34 96 332 69 50
E-mail :

Cancellation of the service reserve the right to cancel or to refuse the access to the contents and services of this site according to internal reasons, without necessity of previous warning.


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