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The third edition of the Iberomerican Congress of Peloids concluded successfully regarding participation and numerous scientific communications. The congress was held in Ponta Delgada ( Açores -Portugal ) organized by INOVA.


logo INOVA2013The III Iberoamerican Congress of Peloids held in the city of Ponta Delgada, on the island of São Miguel, Açores from 1 to 6 October 2013, concluded with the appointment of Caldes de Boi, Spain, to host the next Congress in July 2015.

The Autonomous Region of the Açores welcomed nearly a hundred delegates from Argentina, Brazil and an outstanding representation of researchers from Spain and the Portuguese Universities of Porto, Coimbra and Aveiro.

This third edition also included the presence of specialists related to this activity: researchers, industry professionals, companies, laboratories, etc.., And the active participation of experts in all areas related to the development and application of thermal mud in the field of hydrotherapy and its impact on health and wellbeing.

The III Iberoamerican Congress of Peloids had the excellent organization of a committee chaired by Prof. João Carlos Nunes , Technological Innovation Institute dos Açores (INOVA) and sponsored by the Açores Government through the Regional Secretariat of Tourism and Transport , Regional Directorate of Tourism.

Also participating in the call for this important meeting Ibero Investigaçao the Unidade of GEOBIOTEC / FCT, Aveiro University, Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Porto, Ordem dos Farmacêuticos Ordem dos Physicians, Sociedade Portuguesa of Medical Hydrology and Climatology, Associação International Medical Geology (IMGA) - Delegação Portuguese, Associação das Termas de Portugal, Sociedade Brasileira de Cures, Thermal Peloids Spanish Society, Spanish Society of Medical Hydrology, National Association of Spas, Hot Springs Provincial Ente Neuquen, International Society of Medical Hydrology and Climatology.

São Miguel,Island in the Açores Archipelago was the place chosen in this third edition for its extraordinary location. In addition to a lush landscape there is a secondary volcanic activity, including fumaroles, and lodostérmica (natural peloids) and hydrothermal fields gasocarbónicas waters shallow and deep, that have great economic and scientific interest and it is important to know, to use, and to divulge.

In this context, takes on the role national and international recognition of the quality of the Açores as a tourist destination such as certification and classification of Biosphere Reserves Costa quality and integration of Açores Geopark in the European and global networks of geological parks under the auspices of UNESCO. Such acknowledgments design the Açores and contribute beyond their borders, certainly for more effective dissemination and use of products "made in Açores".

The inaugural conference of the III Iberoamerican Congress of Peloids was given by Prof. Dr. Francisco Maraver Eizaguirre, Director of the School of Medical Hydrology, Faculty of Medicine, Universidad Complutense de Madrid and and President of the Spanish Society of Thermal Peloids.

His speech on the topic " Mechanism of action of pelotherapy: State of the art", Recent investigations on the action mechanism of these products explaining the reason why they have been used since ages empirically has been looked into. Was an interesting review works on the mechanisms of action of peloids, explaining why these products were used empirically since ancient times. Prof. Maraver, in summary, remembered what "The application of therapeutic mud has been used as a thermo-therápic technique in spas establishments and centers of thalassotherapy, obtaining the best results in diseases of musculoskeletal system and skin."

Highlighting the contributions in the area of research Peloids expressed by guest speakers from the universities of Spain and Portugal.

The University of Seville was represented by M. Isabel Carretero, Chemistry (PhD), Head Professor, Department of Crystallography, Mineralogy and Q. Agricultural Chemistry Faculty who spoke on "Methodology Applied to the preparation of optimal Preloide".

The specialists Portugal, guest speakers , unveiled the broad professional experience developed in different Universities . So the Prof. Dr. F. Teixeira , Professor Emeritus , Faculty of Medicine , University of Coimbra made an interesting presentation on " Pelotherapy of the traditional scientific pelotherapy ". Paula Sá -Pereira , Molecular Biology Group , presented "Parallel Universes liquid" ; Prof. J. M. Sousa Lobo, Faculty of Pharmacy , University of Porto developed the theme " Geomaterias - Application in Cosmetic and Pharmacies " . About " Natural mineral water and geothermal resources in Portugal" spoke the José Martins Carvalho, University of Aveiro . Finally Joseph A. S. Cavaleiro Teacher , Department of Chemistry and Research Unit in Organic Chemistry ( QOPNA ) , University of Porto , presented "Organic Constituents of Peloids : A Contribution for a better knowledge".

The III Iberoamerican Congress of Peloids will Counted With An important contribution of research works That exceeded fifty of interesting studies. Oral communications and posters high quality scientific in different fields of Pelotherapy performed by teams of specialist of Univ of Galicia, Granada, Dax (France). Also the special relevance of the research presented by specialists from the Universities of Aveiro and Porto, aimed to the pelotherapy in the Azores Archipelago.

Among the acts of the Congress, noted the program of technical visits to Furnas (day 3) and Lagoa do Fogo and Caldeiras da Ribeira Grande (day 6), important thermal centers of the Açores . An innovative experience that was highly valued by the attendees.

TERMAS WORLD, online magazine attached to GRUPO TERMAS has worked in information support, expresses its most sincere congratulations to Prof. Nunes, president of the Congress and to the Organizing Committee and the Scientific Committee for the excellent participation and outcomes research advances on Peloids, presented in this third edition. The creation of Peloids Iberoamerican Society is an important novelty of the Third Congress that will contribute to a better understanding and dissemination of this natural resource and therapeutic agent, and its internationally projection for its dermo-cosmetic properties. Mayte Suárez Santos. Editor.

Prof. João Carlos Nunes with participants in the 3rd Iberoamerican Congress of Peloids before Furnas casino. Photo courtesy of Prof. João Baptista Silva.


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