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The meeting will be held on 7 and 8 November 2013 with a Symposium dedicated to the state of the art of medical balneotherapy in Europe.


logo ftcf // logo cneth // logo_anmctThe SPA town of Enghien-les-Bains will host the 7th and 8th of November, which is known as " European Meetings on Thermalism ", scientific meetings with involving national and European institutions to discuss topics of interest and today´s Thermalism. In this edition shall be represented scientific societies of Italy, Romania, Portugal, Luxembourg, Germany, Spain and Turkey as well as France, the host country.

Meetings are organized and coordinated by the French Federation Thermal and Climate in collaboration with the National Council of SPA consultants (CNETh) and the Association of Mayors of the thermal Cities (ANMCT).

Dr Christian Corne , Président de la F.T.C.F. and EHTTA, and Thierry Dubois, Président CNETH and ESPA treasurer in his presentation, highlighted the the reason for which is scheduled this important European meeting, taking into account that "European health gradually emerges and the first European landscape sketches of health revolve around transnational public health issues such as health, prevention and support to aging".

Also he make a reflection “ thermal activity is at the heart of health issues, and more than ever, it has a legitimate mission, which will allow it to find its place, and its alone, in health provision. Many questions remain about the vocation and the practice of our profession. Others questions have arisen, particularly due to the 2011 European Directive on cross-border healthcare. This new directive specifies the rights of patients who wish to receive health services from outside their country and guarantees the reimbursement of treatments by their country of origin’s health care system”.

“The enforcement of this directive requires evaluation and comparison of the various services offered by EU countries, in the medical, scientific, legal, regulatory, financial and environmental fields. Thermal facilities in various European countries are already working together within the European Association ESPA.”

They end up remembering  “ It seemed useful to synthesize our respective work by organising “European Thermal Meeting” in Enghien les Bains. We look forward to welcoming you in the spa resort of the town, which is in an enchanting area near to Paris. In the meantime, please accept our warmest regards”.

On Thursday, November 7 will conduct a medical- scientific European meeting organized by AFRETh , and ISMH TMFS on Evidence in Balneotherapy of Rheumatic Conditions. Symposium dedicated to the state of the art of medical balneotherapy in Europe.

Program will address basic issues : " Hydro-thermal products and cares for balneotherapy of rheumatic conditions, the scientific evidence " (A. Françon, R. Forest, Francia); " Mechanisms of action of balneotherapy in rheumatic diseases, the scientific evidence " (A. Fioravanti, Italy); and " The specific therapeutic role of the mineral elements, the evidence "(C. Morer, Spain)

From Clinical approach : " Thermal treatment of joint diseases mechanical , scientific evidence " (R. Forestier, A. Francon , France ); " Thermal Treatment of chronic low back pain , the scientific evidence" ( MZ. Karagülle , Turkey); " Thermal treatment of chronic inflammatory rheumatic diseases , scientific evidence " (B. Raffeiner , Italy); " Thermal treatment of patients with fibromyalgia, the scientific evidence" (O. Surdu , Romania)

The day will conclude with the presentation and discussion of Balneotherapy in Europe: indications and therapeutic protocols.

On Friday 8th will be three scientific sessions organized by the French Society of Thermal Medicine (TMFS). The first session wil analyze the Thermal Medicine in Europe and will be attended by renowned specialists that will deal, among other issues, with the role of " Médecins et professionnels de santé impliqués dans les cures thermales, pratiques et formation". Acting as speakers Dr . Pedro Cantista, President of Sociedade Portuguesa de Hidrologia Médica e Climatologia, (SPHM), Portugal ; Pr. Dr Francisco Maraver, Director of Escuela Profesional de Hidrología Médica Facultad de Medicina Universidad Complutese, Espagne ; Pr Patrick H. Carpentier Grenoble University Hospital / President of Société Française de Médecine Thermale (SFMT))

The second session will focus on the "Organization, regulation and financing of thermal cure in Europe." In this session will participate representatives of European organizations such as FEDERTERME, ESPA and CNETH. The last session will be dedicated to present the "Patients and professional mobility in Europe and thermal medicine." Very topical issue which will be addressed by professional practice that is regulated by European legislation and the EU Directive on healthcare border and spa treatments. | For more information see Program (PDF) |

Enghien-les-Bains is the only spa resort of Ile-de-France and the sulphurous water reservoir discovered two centuries ago is the subject of a regulatory operation. The remarkable quality of calcium sulfur water from Enghien-les-Bains allows a thermal cure of 21 days paid by Social Security in the treatment of ORL diseases and respiratory. This center joins healthcare medical efficacy with most advanced infrastructure technology in a pleasant and bucolic environment dedicated to Wellness.

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Termas de Enghien-les-Bains
Termas de Enghien-les-Bains


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