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palacio de convenciones La Habana


“Advances in Clinical Neurosciences and Psychiatry: Brain and Mind“ it will be held in Havana with the participation of European, Asian and Latin American universities.


cuban neurocience center // la spaienza romaThe city of Havana will welcome prestigious researchers from universities in Europe, Asia and Latin America to participate in the First International Congress "Advances in Psychiatry and Clinical Neurosciences: Brain and Mind", included in the Program of scientific collaboration Italy - Cuba in Psychiatry and Neuroscience.

Considered one of the most important international meetings in the field of Neuropsychiatry, will be held at the Hotel Palco, the Palace of Conventions in Havana, Cuba, from 18 to 20 November 2013.

The Presidents of the Congress, Prof. Pedro A. Valdes (Cuban Neuroscience Center) and Prof. Giuseppe Bersani (Sapienza. Univ. Rome) in their greeting message, make an invitation to participate in this event which will feature a high scientific level and will also be of great importance in the development of future international collaborations.

The European institutions with a presence in this important scientific meeting are:

  • Spienza, University Roma, Italy.
  • Institute of Neurology, University College London. London, UK.
  • International Center for learning, attention and hyperactivity disorder. Milan,Italy.
  • Univ. Federico II. Nápoli
  • Univ. Roma, Tor Vergata.
  • Univ. Bergamo
  • Univ. L´Aquila
  • Univ. Pisa
  • University Regina Apostolorum, Roma
  • Collaboration with the Italian Society of Social Psychiatry.

Asia will be present through the University of Electronic Science and Technology. Chengdu, China

Latin America will participate with prestigious research centers and universities:

  • "La Sabana" University. Bogotá, Colombia.
  • Neurological Institute of Colombia.
  • Latin American Psychiatric Association (APAL). Argentina.
  • Center for Research in Mathematics ( CIMAT ).Guanajuato, México.
  • Cuban Neuroscience Center. Havana, Cuba.
  • International Center for Neurological Restoration. Havana, Cuba.
  • National Center of Medical Genetics . Havana, Cuba.
  • "Hermanos Ameijeiras" Hospital. Havana, Cuba.

The organization has developed a comprehensive program that will deal with crucial issues in the clinical neurosciences and psychiatry, such as:

  1. Advances in clinical and psychiatric nosology
  2. Diagnosis, neurobiology and management of major neurological disorders
  3. Convergences between Neurotechnology and Clinical Neurosciences developments
  4. Translational Medicine in Neuroscience: from basic research to clinical improvement
  5. New frontiers in Neuropsychopharmacology
  6. Neurosciences development lines
  7. Ethical Issues in Psychiatry and Neuroscience
  8. Education and Training in Neurosciences

The program will be structured as follows:
First day (morning and afternoon):

  • Opening Plenary
  • Two simultaneous sessions with lectures and oral presentations on the topics covered in the scientific program.
  • Poster Session

Second day (morning and afternoon):

  • Two simultaneous sessions with lectures and oral presentations on the topics covered in the scientific program.
  • Poster Session

Third day (morning):

  • Plenary Session and Closing

All the persons interested in participating with a scientific contribution in form of oral or poster presentation are invited to submit abstracts, the deadline will be August 30, 2013, for evaluation and approval by the Scientific Committee and the inclusion in the final Scientific Program, approvals will be sent before September 30, 2013.

At Havana Conventions Center’s Grand Foyer there will be an exhibition area where companies and entities are invited to submit their latest work on pharmaceuticals, equipment and new technologies, computers, books, newspapers, etc..

For further information contact the Congress Secretariat: solymed.congressi@yahoo.com | DOWNLOAD PRELIMINARY PROGRAM (PDF)

Palace of Conventions in Havana. Cuba
Palace of Conventions in Havana. Cuba


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