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The First & only International Medical Tourism Event organized by IMTCE China & Medical Tourism Association will be held from September 12th-13th in Shanghai.


Shanghai will host IMTCE 2013, the first ever Medical Tourism trade show to take place in China. Professionals representing a wide array of healthcare sectors, will come together to examine industry trends and the potential for the Chinese medical travel market.

The exhibition is to be held from September 12th-13th in Shanghai, and will feature representatives from an impressive roster of the industry’s leading hospitals and clinics, medical tourism facilitators and travel agencies, healthcare associations, insurance companies, and medical-travel marketing firms, and others.

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The conference’s aim is to focus on the current trends in medical tourism, and provide a platform for businesses in the medical travel space to network and create partnerships with their industry colleagues. A variety of professionals from different medical tourism fields are scheduled to address the conference’s attendees, including medical travel consultants and advocates, insurance experts, and government health policy authorities.

Key topics of the IMTCE exhibition include how healthcare facilities can best work with their associates overseas, how medical tourism destinations can successfully brand their product, how different sectors of a country’s medical system can attract international patients, and, importantly, how to understand the healthcare system and market potential in China. As this segment continues to grow, gaining insight into the opportunities to attract Chinese medical tourists, learning about their expectations for healthcare services, and understanding their needs as patients will be a primary focus of medical travel businesses.

The Chinese market is now ready for medical tourism
Medical Tourism is bringing new opportunities to both the medical industry and the travel industry. According to the OECD, 50,000 to 60 million patients travel for medical tourism every year. And most of the customers are from Euro zone, the United States and other developed countries. The healthcare systems in these countries are mature and developed, so, in the future, the improvement of this market will slowly grow to a stable statement. It's time to explore fresh new markets in Asia, especially in China.

Based on the Capgemini Consultant Company’s Asia Pacific Wealth Report in 2012, the number of people whose incomes are over 1 million dollars, has increased by 1.6%, to 33.7 million, of which the Chinese represent 17%. And the wealthy people have realized the importance of disease prevention and increasing the quality of healthcare.

International healthcare providers have found that these Chinese consumers are among the most willing to pay top dollar for quality services and privacy, and healthcare providers are tailoring their services to better cater to Chinese consumer needs. Realizing this huge market potential, some medical tourist organizations in countries like South Korea and the US have established.

Overall, China’s rapid development into the world’s second largest economy over the past few decades has generated with it a huge number of people wealthy enough to demand the highest quality of care available worldwide and pursue a multitude of elective medical procedures if need be.
The country’s healthcare system has not ascended in tow during that period, and while base treatment costs have remained cheap by some global standards, the range in services provided is too narrow for many patients and service quality varies considerably based on region.

In China however, domestic healthcare costs have not been the principal motivator for health tourism. Outbound Mainland Chinese clients have tended to have high-middle to upper class income levels and are instead going abroad to receive a quality of service, care and discretion not widely available in their home country.

For more information this landmark event, or interested in becoming a sponsor or exhibitor should visit web site: www.imtce-china.com.



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