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logo balneario y Club de golf Guitiriz


The Thermal Villa of Guitiriz represented by its mayor and other institutions of Galicia joined the act. The Termas World editor dedicated his book to the owners and gave several copies e for School of Health of the SPA.


HOTEL BALNEARIO DE GUITIRIZThe ceremony commemorating the 10th anniversary of the new stage of Hotel Spa and Golf Club of Guitiriz, celebrated last June 29, 2013, was inaugurated by Xosé Maria Teixido Nunez, Mayor of the Villa Thermal of Guitiriz, located in the vicinity the Biosphere Reserve "Terras do Miño", where is the emblematic resort of Lugo.

The entrepreneur and owner Andres Conde Medin, welcomed the representatives of academic institutions, health professionals and many friends who supported with their assistance, the important thermal property which represents the recovery of this iconic Spa for Galicia.

"We are a great family dedicated to health," he said in his greeting the owner of the Hotel Spa which treasures over one hundred years of history and today is a leader nationally and internationally in its commitment to Water Culture, the Health and Well being.

After recalling the great successes achieved in the past decade, among other the creation of the School of Health, Conde Medín highlighted the important aspects tourist, economic and social developed by Guitiriz Thermal Villa. "The mineral medicinal water is a historical legacy of this town to which many families were coming to" take the waters " for over 30 years, uninterruptedly, a tradition That Should continue, " said.

He and his wife Isabel "alma mater" of entrepreneurial drive, Andrew Conde Medin, received the deserved recognition of the guests at this endearing ceremony attended by the presence of the editor and president of the GRUPO TERMAS Mayte Suárez Santos, presented by the Dr. Salvador Ramos Rey, spa Medical Director. The specialist welcomed the invitation to participate in an event as significant and said that "it was an honor to present his first book dedicated to Water and Health in an so emblemátic spa like Guitiriz, whose health-giving mineral waters that flow from the source of St. Xoan, meet 111 years since its Declaration of Public Utility ".

 Acto inaugural 10 Aniv.  Andrés Conde, Dr. Salvador Ramos y Alcalde villa Termal Guitiriz // Dr. José Carro Otero, Directora del Balneario, Marisa Rodríguez y la editora  Mayte Suárez // Actuación de la Coral Saúde del Complejo Hospitalario Universitario de A Coruña // Andrés Conde y su esposa Isabel con la autora del Libro, especialista Mayte SuárezThe editor of Termas World, had words of praise for the entrepreneurial effort of Andres Conde Medin, "and for his confidence in the Galicia thermal tourism and all backing and support of the management initiatives of medical team and the group of professionals of this modern Complex Hotel Spa and Golf Club of Guitiriz, which develops innovative trends within the resort offert the century ". Mayte Suárez said.

After presenting his book "Agua, H2O Formula de la Salud" Dr. Mayte Suárez Santos delivered a signed copy Andres Conde owners Medin and his wife, and several copies of the work for the Library School of Health Guitiriz Spa.

The spa director Marisa Rodriguez Gigan, after greeting the attendees, thanked Dr Salvador Ramos, Medical Director and event organizer "honor entrusted to do a review of the recent history of our Wellness" and recalled that today also marks another milestone: the 111 years of the Declaration of Public Utility Guitiriz Mineral-Water. "

In her presentation, "2003-2013, 10 years in the history Guitiriz Spa", which supported with a valuable artwork, Marisa Rodriguez collects the first mentions of the therapeutic properties of mineral medicinal water of Guitiriz dating from the eighteenth century, when the medical surgeon of Hospital of Santiago, D. Jose Lazcano, began recommending them for their therapeutic properties.

But it was not until 1895 when the publication Galicia Medical Hydrology, mentions water analysis conducted by competent professors and cites D. José Casares Gil who classified waters as sodium-sulfur-fluoridated-cold. Since its emergence temperature is 15,2ºC throughout the year.

Stablish the year 1908 as the official start of the primitive spa over a century grew and with various extensions, now takes on the appearance of elegant Art Nouveau building preserved within the resort architecture. It also contains different times of splendor of the resorts until its closure in 1972 because of other vacation alternatives. However curists continued to turn to drink from the Fountain of San Juan de Lagostelle who never stopped its salutary water flow.

After a long period of inactivity, was in 2003 when the current owner, Andres Conde Medin, acquires Hotel Balneario, retrieving a priceless heritage was a historical reference of the Villa Thermal of Guitiriz. Start a resort activity decade, new stage and new challenges. "I can say without any doubt, that since July 2010, the Hotel Spa is managed directly, although at present it is difficult financially, start the best time of wellness and the richest in research, innovation and quality of care to all our users "Marisa Rodriguez said. (See the full text of the presentation)

Dr. Jose Carro Otero, president of the Royal Academy of Medicine and Surgery of Galicia, an institution that has a "chair of Medical Hydrology", closed the ceremony of interventions. After congratulating the owners, highlighted the significance of mineral medicinal waters for health, the activity that the modern Spa develop and its location in the Villa Thermal of Guitiriz.

The commemorative day had the finishing touch: the performance of the Choral Saúde of the Hospital Universitario A Coruña with an exquisite interpretation and musical content that thrilled all present. Finally, Andres Conde Medin and his wife , offered their guests a cocktail aperitif at the Hotel Spa.

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In the photo left to right: Spa medical director, Dr. Salvador Ramos ; the editor and specialist Mayte Suarez  ; Nela, wife of Dr. Diz Lois, the owner of the Spa Guitiriz, A.Conde Medin; Dr. Fernando Diz Lois ; Isabel , wife of Andres Conde and JLAristin, president COFIGA
In the photo left to right: Spa medical director, Dr. Salvador Ramos ; the editor and specialist Mayte Suarez ;
Nela, wife of Dr. Diz Lois, the owner of the Spa Guitiriz, A.Conde Medin; Dr. Fernando Diz Lois ; Isabel ,
wife of Andres Conde and JLAristin, president COFIGAA


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