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It has just been constituted in Spain, the first organization without intention of profit, for the followers of the thermal water culture as other possibility to improve the quality of life, leisure time and the health.

The Association of Friends of the Thermal Baths, been founded by the Publisher of TermasWorld Mayte Suárez Santos and the members of the Team of TermasWorld, are integrated in their Direction Board. It has as main objectives the study and diffusion of the Thermalism, origins, evolution and the influence and purpose of the use of thermal water as source of health, as well as the advice of the therapeutic effects in different applications or thermal cures."

According to their Statutes, for the development of their fundamental aims they will start the following activities:

  • The divulgement of those studies and the advice, using as mean of diffusion the electronic magazine TermasWorld ( ).
  • Organization of Journeys, Seminars and scientific encounters to increase the knowledge of the therapeutic effects of thermal water.
  • To advise a program of holidays combining thermal routes with healthy environments.
  • To create a Forum of Opinion on the subject Thermal Water Culture as source of Health.
  • The publication of a Bulletin that will pick up the contributions of partners. Specialized Medical consultantship.
  • Information regarding new cosmetic products elaborated with thermal water and their properties for the skin and their annexes.
  • To establish cooperation bonds with similar organizations of international level for a bigger scientific covering and Thermalism divulging.

The Spanish Association of Friends of the Thermal Baths is registered in the National Registration of Associations with the nº 166878 of the Section 1º, it has its central headquarters in Valencia and it is open to all those people that feel themselves identified with the aims that it pursues to improve and to live healthily.

To contact to the Spanish Association of Friends of the Thermal Baths: E-mail:


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