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Surgeries will be performed “ live “ by Organ Transplant Group of the University of Rome La Sapienza and also a session on Bioethics.


Logo Universidad La Sapienza de RomaMore than 50 professors from universities in Italy participate in the V International Congress on Emergency Surgery, technical and organizational aspects, and the use of new technologies and biotechnological supports. This important scientific meeting will be held on 6 and 8of May 2013, in the Conference Center and Centers for Medical-Surgical Research (CIMEQ) Havana-Cuba.

The collaboration between Italian and Cuban surgeons makes it possible to carry out the V edition of the scientific project, according to Dr. Pascual Berloco, Professor of Surgery at the University of Rome La Sapienza and President of the Italian Society of Transplantation. Also remember, as chairman of the V Congress, that this year will deal with all aspects of emergency in general surgery, cardiovascular, thoracic, neurosurgery aand orthopedics, urology and gynecology.

The organization has designed a broad scientific program in which Italian and Cuban delegates as usual, exchange experiences in the various specialized topics of the Congress. The president of the Cuban Society of Surgery, Professor Manuel Cepero, emphasizes that these events are bound within the scientific collaboration between the two countries.

Also this year are planned live surgery sessions, as a living transplant of kidney, from living donor using a novel technique of access (laparoscope) conducted jointly by Italian and Cuban surgeons. The surgery will be broadcast "live" by CCTV from the operating room to the conference room and witnessed by the participants of this theoretical and practical scientific event.

In addition three major hospitals of Havana, the Center for Medical and Surgical Research, the Brothers Amejeiras and Cira Garcia, five operations will be conducted. They will include heart surgery, thoracic, spinal and traumatology

The Scientific Committee is made up of professors doctors from Italy: P. Berloco, M. I. Mungo, A. Filippini, P.Chirletti, M. Tamorri, F. Bove, G.Di Giammarco, A. Redler. For Cuba: M. Cepero, J. C. Ugarte, A. Leal, H. Hernandez, R. Rubinos, S. A. Collera, E. Dejohng, M. Nafeh, D. Perez. As head of the organizing secretariat, Dr. F. Menendez.

The theme of the V Congress is focused this year on emergency surgery in various medical specialties, including an important session on Bioethics, with various legal debates, clinical, medico-legal and ethical. For the first time the application will be treated in the new technologies.

Remember that there is a cooperation agreement between the Association for the Development of Surgical Sciences Italy -pro Cuba (ONLUS) and the Cuban Society of Surgery to develop research projects, health care and scientific development, which includes various specialities surgical.

Note that the University of Rome La Sapienza is the largest university in Europe and is among the first in the world by number of students (147,000). Founded in Rome on April 20, 1303 has 21 faculties, 21 museums, 155 libraries and over 130 departments and institutes. In the profile of qualifications excel in humanities studies, medical and technological with a strong presence of students in Medicine and Law.



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