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The series "Balnea" dedicates its volume 7 to commemorate this historic event in the Faculty of Medicine of the UCM. You can get the book and online and scoop through TERMAS WORLD.


Portada Balnea nº 7 - Cien años de la Cátedra de Hidrologí a MédicaIt is the commemoration through the Monograph of "Balnea" the centenary of the creation, in the Faculty of Medicine, Universidad Complutense de Madrid (UCM), the Chair of Medical Hydrology.

The anniversary was held at the Faculty of Medicine on April 17, 2012 with various scientific events in which intervened teachers, historians, researchers and which glossed its history since its establishment by royal decree of January 5, 1912 to date ”A Chair to be erected in the real scientific and educational pillar which has supported much of the growth of the specialty to this day and a centenary truly important to our faculty, the history of this specialty in Spain and even in Europe" .

So says Prof. J. L. Álvarez-Sala Walter, Dean of the Faculty of Medicine in the prologue of this seventh volume of "Balnea" series of monographs on the journal Annals of Medical Hydrology, annual publication issued by the Professional School of Medical Hydrology and hydrotherapy of the Faculty of Medicine of the UCM.

The commemoration of this anniversary was also collected in a historical exhibition showcasing the valuable iconographic background, photographs, books and documents existing in the Faculty of Medicine and an important material contributed by other teachers and researchers in the discipline.

"One Hundred Years of the Chair of Medical Hydrology" is a must-read book for history of medical hydrology and Spanish hydrotherapy. The authors Francisco Maraver, Jose Luis Alvarez-Sala, Francisco Armijo, Manuela Crego, Concepción Cuenca, Javier Jorge and Juan Antonio Rodriguez-Sanchez, made in different chapters, an excellent portrait of the distinguished professors and their work along of these one hundred years in the Department who has managed to promote and assist in the creation and development of initiatives such as the journal Annals Spanish Americans of Medical Hydrology or the Professional School and Teaching Unit of Medical Hydrology and Hydrotherapy.

Thus, Juan Antonio Rodríguez Sánchez bring us to the historical 1913 through the personality of the first teacher who hold that year the chair of the subject of Medical Hydrology, created as a free choice in the period of doctorate at the Universidad Central de Madrid and only in Spain. "Hipolito Rodriguez Pinilla (1860-1936) and institutionalizing atrategies of Medical Hydrology in Spain.

Concepción Cuenca González presents "José San Román Rouyer, (1901-1961), life and work." It was the second professor in order of succession in the Chair of Medical Hydrology and he created, as the author reminds us, "the foundation and direction of the Institute" Alfonso Limón Montero "belonging to the" Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas "(CSIC) and its instrument of dissemination the "Annals Spanish American of Medical Hydrology and Climatology".

Francisco Armijo Castro gather in this work, the biography of Professor Manuel Armijo Valenzuela (1917-2012). A chapter especially significant when you consider the relationship of the author with his uncle, since it lets you get to know learn more about professional vocation of the illustrious professor of Medical Hydrology and academic of the Royal Academy of Medicine among many othe merits.

Francisco Maraver Eyzaguirre devotes an interesting chapter to gloss the figure Josefina San Martín Bacaicoa, who after a regular open competition at the end of 1986, becomes the fourth Professor of Medical Hydrology in the history of the Spanish University. As Professor of Medical Hydrology exclusively, plays an important teaching, research, associative, organizational and internationalization of the specialty. The author, in addition to the bibliography, added an appendix with the scientific-books, publications, thesis, among others - most important of Dr. San Martin.

The book includes a chapter on "Activity Report of the Chair of Medical Hydrology-Professional School of Medical Hydrology and Hydrotherapy: 2000-2012" by Francisco Maraver and "One hundred years making science: the Chair of Medical Hydrology, Faculty of Medicine Complutense University (1912-2012). Catalogue of the exhibition” whose authors are: Juan Antonio Rodríguez Sánchez, Javier Jorge Garcia Reyes and Manuela Crego Castaño.

We approach the reading of this book online format, convinced that through this chronological round, highly detailed by the authors, you can learn and appreciate the history of this discipline. "One Hundred Years of the Chair of Medical Hydrology", as indicated by the Dean of the Faculty of Medicine in the foreword of the book, "have been extraordinary and will continue in the future, thus contributing, no doubt, to increase the prestige of our Faculty and our University.

Balnea No.7 - One Hundred Years of the Department of Hydrology Médica.pdf (8,95 MB).


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