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Over a thousand patients Norwegian with rheumatic diseases travel Annually for receiving treatment to the Thermal Centre specializing in Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation, in Izmir.


Balcova thermal poolConsidered as a reference for Thermal Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation in Turkey and Northern European countries, modern facilities of Balçova Thermal ( are visited each year by more than 1000 Norwegians to continue treatment for rheumatism. Turkey and Norway cooperate to ensure they have the best European standards and the Centre retains for 12 years an agreement signed with the Ministry of Health of Norway.

The Izmir Conference has been the scientific forum where experts of the prestigious Thermal Center ( ) have exposed their line of work and results in several oral and poster presentations. In his lecture on "Aquatic Physical Therapy in Rheumatology: Current Evidence", MSc. P.T. Burcu APLAK ARIN remembered that " Aquatic exercise and physiotherapy have been long accepted as an important part of the therapy in rheumatology".

"Aquatic exercise is ideal for many persons with rheumatic disease because weight bearing on the joints is minimized. Numerous pool programs for people with rheumatic disease have become available in recent years. These programs may range from formal therapy led by physical therapists to recreational group programs led by trained instructors.In our studies,we evaluated the effectiveness of aquatic exercise and combined physiotherapy variety of rheumatolojic disease.Our retrospective studies are performed with 125 rheumatoid arthrit (RA) and 197 ankylosing spondylitis "(AS).

Every patient received a combined therapy consisted of 2 passive and 3 active treatment modalities in a day,totally 20 sessions during the period. Passive treatment modalities were parafin,massage therapy whereas the active modalities were individual,pool and the land group gymnastic. Pool group gymnastic is performed with 33° C. The success rate of our treatment is between 90 and 95% . La tasa de éxito de nuestros tratamientos está entre el 90 y 95%. Many studies support our results in literature.
The "Relationship between lumbar and cervical mobility in patients with ankylosing spondylitis" presented by MSc. Ö.Ç.MSc.PT.Arin PT.Tosun BA, MSc.PT.Öksüz Ü., MSc.PT.Akça G, is another retrospective study which is completed in Balçova Thermal Treatment Center between January 2003 to January 2005 with 588 patients from Norway diagnosed with AS.

All patients had a combined treatment program for four weeks (SPA, individual gym, land and pool gym, paraffin, massage, hydrotherapy). In these patients tragus-wall distance, right cervical rotation, left cervical rotation (for cervical mobility assessment), schober test, lumbar-side flexion (for lumbar mobility assessment), pain and morning stiffness by visual analog scale and thorax expansion after expiration and inspiration were measured using chest circumferences Additionally, muscle shortness (M.Iliopsoas, M.Hamstring, M.Pectoralis) and muscle strength (M.Quadriceps, M.Gluteus Maximus,M.Ercetor Spinae, M.Rectus Abdominis, were assessed before and after treatment.

Evaluated the relation between spinal mobility and age, disease duration and radiological findings.The conclusive assessment showed conclusively that a combined treatment program increases cervical and lumbar mobility in patients with EA".



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