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With the participation of health professionals from universities from twenty countries in the EU, Asia, America and important presence of the UCM of Spain, concluded the 1st European Conference held in Izmir, Turkey.


Prof. M.Z.Karagülle y Prof. Johan Lambeck presidente Comité CientificoThe high level of research contributed by world experts guarantees ECEBAT, success, The First European Conference on Aquatic Therapy Evidence Based, took place between 21 and 23 March 2013. With a full scientific program and supported by the cultural spirit of Izmir, the Turkish city welcomed nearly a hundred physiotherapists, health professionals and delegates from EU universities and countries such as Switzerland , Malaysia, Brazil, Israel, Iran , Korea, Australia, Portugal and Canada, among others.

Some thirty oral comucations and 35 poster presentations on health areas especially in neurology, pediatrics and musculoskeletal diseases. Ten lectures by experts from University of Leuven, Berna, Melbourne, Juan Carlos University (Spain) Southampton, Anadolu, Istanbul and Izmir. Three panels on Health Tourism in Turkey and graduate education scheme to aquatic professionals and benefits for the health and 4 workshops. The Izmir Conference has contributed to the exchange of experiences and integration of concepts in order to define a model comprehensive of aquatic therapy.

The University Dokuz Eluz of Izmir, promoted this initiative in cooperation with Thermal Balçova, conference venue. The celebration is a new step for the development of aquatic therapy and lays the groundwork for the creation of research networks for aquatic rehabilitation as Johan Lambeck, President of the Scientific Committee said.

Prof. M.Z.Karagülle durante su intervención en Ecebat 2013Lectures
The scientific session opened with lecture on "The Role of Immersion to support aquatic physical therapy" given by Prof. Dr. Müfit Zeki Karagülle, MD. PhD. of Istanbul University.

In his intervention made reference to " Immersion of the whole or parts of the body in water has been widely used in the history of mankind. In the 20th century, passive immersion became increasing in use when combined with exercise. In comparison to land-based exercise, water can be used as an effective medium to achieve rehabilitation through its physical properties of hydrostatic pressure, thermal stimulation, and relaxing and unloading effects on muscles and joints respectively".

"Recently better understanding of the physical properties of water, the physiology of immersion and human movement has contributed in developing hydrotherapy or aquatic physical therapy as a therapeutic intervention mostly in musculoskeletal conditions. And it is more narrowly focused in rehabilitation in the form of aquatic physical therapy most commonly in tap water (hydrokinesitherapy) or less commonly in mineral water (balneokinesitherapy)".

For Profesor M.Z.Karagulle " Compared to hydrokinesitherapy, balneokinesitherapy derives its effect not only from the physical properties of water but also its chemical effects. Although not fully understand balneokinesitherapy effects the autonomic nervous system, endocrine system and immune system. Whether the interplay of these systems is responsible for its popularity in treating various diseases and its greater effectiveness versus hydrokinesitherapy can only be surmised".

He concluded by recalling " As a rehabilitative measure, aquatic physical therapy whether as hydrokinesitherapy or balneokinesitherapy is predominantly used for locomotor diseases and rheumatic diseases as a primary modality in rehabilitation centers or as a secondary modality in spas".

Balcova termal y las terapias del aguaPhysical Therapy and Rheumatology
Considered as a reference for Thermal Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation in Turkey and Northern European countries, modern facilities of Balçova Thermal ( are visited each year by more than 1000 Norwegians to continue treatment for rheumatism. Turkey and Norway cooperate to ensure they have the best European standards and the Centre retains for 12 years an agreement signed with the Ministry of Health of Norway.

The Izmir Conference has been the scientific forum where experts of the prestigious Thermal Center have exposed their line of work and results in several oral and poster presentations. In his lecture on "Aquatic Physical Therapy in Rheumatology: Current Evidence", MSc. P.T. Burcu APLAK ARIN remembered that " Aquatic exercise and physiotherapy have been long accepted as an important part of the therapy in rheumatology".

"Aquatic exercise is ideal for many persons with rheumatic disease because weight bearing on the joints is minimized. Numerous pool programs for people with rheumatic disease have become available in recent years. These programs may range from formal therapy led by physical therapists to recreational group programs led by trained instructors.In our studies,we evaluated the effectiveness of aquatic exercise and combined physiotherapy variety of rheumatolojic disease.Our retrospective studies are performed with 125 rheumatoid arthrit (RA) and 197 ankylosing spondylitis "(AS).

The "Relationship between lumbar and cervical mobility in patients with ankylosing spondylitis" presented by MSc. Ö.Ç.MSc.PT.Arin PT.Tosun BA, MSc.PT.Öksüz Ü., MSc.PT.Akça G, is another retrospective study which is completed in Balçova Thermal Treatment Center between January 2003 to January 2005 with 588 patients from Norway diagnosed with AS. The conclusive assessment showed conclusively that a combined treatment program increases cervical and lumbar mobility in patients with EA".

Universidad Dokuz Eluz de Izmir // Dpto de Ecología Médica e Hidroclimatología. Facultad de Medicina. Univ. EstambulUCM Medical Hydrology
The Complutense University of Madrid through the Professional School of Medical Hydrology and Hydrotherapy, Faculty of Medicine, was represented at the European Conference of Izmiz by Prof. Francisco Maraver Eyzaguirre, Director of the Department of Medical Hydrology and School and a group of researchers who presented scientific issues in oral and poster presentations.

The experience “ Neurology Thalassotherapy in Neurology “ was a highly valued contribution as oral scientific communication by Carla Morer Liñan and Maraver Francisco, Complutense University of Madrid and Thalassia, Thalasso Center.

The authors noted that while " Neurological diseases are not a traditional indication for SPA therapy. Furthermore they used to be a contra-indication in many cases. The mechanisms by which immersion in mineral or thermal water or the application of mud alleviates suffering in rheumatic diseases allowed us
to think in using them for other medicine areas as a probable result of a combination of factors, with mechanical, thermal and chemical effects among the most prominent ones and many other non-specific factors that may also contribute to the beneficial effects observed after spa therapy as climatotherapy, and changes in the environment, pleasant surroundings".

It is reported that the ictus is one of the most serious health problems and a major cause of deterioration of cognition and physical functions. The aquatic rehabilitation approaches have been used to improve the functional recovery that may lead to increased autonomy. Finally remember that "in the past two years have seen improvements in physical and cognitive deficiencies in 70 patients with chronic and acute apoplexy by performing a rehabilitation program of two or three weeks in a Thalassotherapy Center of Spain". Some pilot studies have been presented.

Neurology and skeletal muscle
Highlight two poster presentations in Neurology. " Effects of Thalassotherapy for mobility and balance in chronic stroke patients : A pilot study ", by Morer C, and F.Maraver, School of Medical Hydrology. Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation and Hydrology of the UCM and Thalasia, Thalassotherapy Center, San Pedro del Pinatar , Mar Menor, Murcia. Spain . In that study are proof that the " Rehabilitation on a Thalassotherapy Center may be an effective way to improve balance and gait in ambulatory chronic stroke patients".

The " Evaluation of thermal pool aquatic exercises balneotherapy among Parkinso´s patients " by Vanguelova T, Gutierrez-Iniguez MA, Molina MP Arroyo, Medina Gálvez N, and F Maraver, Professional School of Medical Hydrology, Faculty of Medicine UCM. The authors conclude that "The positive results in general state of these patients and the positive welcome and evaluation of the treatment received among these patients, makes thermal pool aquatic exercises a tool to consider and to promote, since it is possible to improve functional capability, psychological conditions, and therefore an improvement in the quality of life of these patients".

In other categories a study on " Comparison between aquatic therapy and combination with physiotherapy in a group of patients with pain in the lower back. Grand Hotel La Toja Spa, Spain". Important contribution of authors : Dr . Pilar Molina Arroyo, Dr. Yordank Rojas Flores, Dr. Jesus Penedo Arrugueta; Rafael Méndez Esperon, physiotherapist and Federico Gache Pesqueira, physiotherapist, both of the Medical Service, Dr. Julio Cascallar Viejo, Medical Director of Spa Gran Hotel La Toja Spa and Dr. Francisco Maraver Eyzaguirre, Teacher Consultant.

According to the report, " the purpose of using a combination of aquatic therapy and physiotherapy in the treatment of some patients with musculoskeletal disorders, specifically low back pain, is to maximize the benefits of both interventions".

European Regulation
Also review some of the subjects among of the six communication posters such as “Rating the quality of life in Dermatology. Disease after treatment of Balneotherapy in Roche Posay," by Medina Gálvez-N, Gutiérrez-MA, Iñiguez Ramirez Pulido C, Arroyo Molina P, F. Maraver. Professional School of Medical Hydrology and Delrez E, dermatologist of Roche Posay (France).

"Undesirable effects of aquatic therapy. A purpose of a case ( a real case ) " by Vanguelova Krasteva T, Arroyo Molina P., Menéndez Huergo I., Rojas
Y. Flores, F. Maraver Izaguirre of Professional School of Medical Hydrology, Faculty of Medicine and "Aquatic Therapy Teaching adapted to European Higher Education Area" presented by F.Maraver, Corvillo I, of the Professional School of Medical Hydrology and Hydrotherapy and Morer C, Thalasia thalassotherapy center. From San Pedro de Pinatar, Murcia. Spain.
Finished ECEBAT 2013, Professor Francisco Maraver Eyzaguirre and Spanish participants performed a visit to the Department of Medical Ecology and Hydroclimatology, created in 1938 at the University of Istanbul. They were greeted pleasantly by Prof. Müfit Zeki Karagülle and Prof. Mina Karagülle.

According to information provided to TERMAS WORLD AGENCY, was a courtesy visit corresponding to that made by Prof. Dr. M. Z. Karagülle to the Chair of Medical Hydrology University Complutense of Madrid on June 19, 2012 to commemorate the centenary of the creation of the Chair. (Photos courtesy of Prof. F. Maraver and Termas World files). To the right of the photo, Prof. Dr. Francisco Maraver and Spanish attendants with Prof. Dr. M. Z. Karagülle and equipment, during the visit to the Department of Medical Ecology and Hydroclimatology. Faculty of Medicine. Istanbul University.

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To the right of the photo, Prof. Dr. Francisco Maraver and Spanish attendants with Prof. Dr. M. Z. Karagülle and equipment,  during the visit to the Department of Medical Ecology and Hydroclimatology. Faculty of Medicine. Istanbul University.
To the right of the photo, Prof. Dr. Francisco Maraver and Spanish attendants
with Prof. Dr. M. Z. Karagülle and equipment,  during the visit to the Department of
Medical Ecology and Hydroclimatology. Faculty of Medicine. Istanbul University.


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