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PORTUGAL ALUMNOS DE TURISMO // PORTUGAL VIDA DE BARRIO // LAS AZORES // MADEIRA"The neighborhood life" was the original design presented by Portugal that delighted visitors and Portugal wins another consecutive year the 1st Prize.


Fitur 2013 awarded the 'Prizes for Stands', a recognition of the efforts of companies and institutions involved in its 33rd edition, held until February 3 at Feria de Madrid, as Ifema reported in a statement.
The jury praised the professionalism and appropriateness of the stand to the needs of each product marketing, communication, promotion and identification of the stand with the image product and design,namely the originality and innovation.
In the category of countries, have been awarded the Tourism Board of Mexico, Turismo de Portugal, and the Office of Tourism of the Dominican Republic, granting a special mention to the National Office of Tourism of China in Spain.

"Living Portugal" through the life of a neighborhood that brings together some of the most characteristic elements of Portuguese culture. Under the theme of the stand Vivir Portugal / Living Portugal were exposed 24 companies and seven Portuguese regions. An area of 815m2 where was promoted from the religious tourism to Portuguese architecture (with emphasis in 2013 to celebrate the Year of Architecture in Portugal).

An original approach by appealing to the five senses: Hearing Portugal, Taste Portugal, Share Portugal, Feeeling Portuga. Thus, the stand meant to convey to visitors a variety of experiences related to neighborhood life in the cultural, artistic and gastronomic, recreating venues such as a restaurant, a bakery or a kiosk, as reported by Turismo de Portugal.

The gastronomic experience in this neighborhood was conducted by students of the School of Hosteleria and Tourism of Lamego and Estoril –with tasting products of traditional Portuguese cuisine and wines, oils, preserves, cream cakes, sausages in the Taste Portugal space.
The art of welcoming was also represented: there were raffles, music deals of Portuguese authors, traditional foods, postcards, poems and vouchers to enjoy experiences in Portugal.

The jury of FITUR was unanimous in the ruling, distinguishing the originality, creativity and aesthetics of a stand intended to convey two of the main features of Portugal as a tourist destination: the hospitality and genuine character.

According to information of Turismo de Portugal, from January to November 2012 "Spanish tourists generate about 3 million overnight stays in Portugal, contributing millions of dollars in tourism revenue.

Portugal's participation in FITUR 2013 also had the presence of the heads of its tourism sector. Thus, the delegation was headed by the Secretary of State for Tourism of Portugal and the Portuguese Tourist responsible, institutional body in charge of tourism promotinon of Portugal at international level.

The Ministry of Tourism of Portugal awarded IFEMA, organizer of FITUR, with the Gold Medal for Merit in Tourism by its spreading of Portugal as a tourist destination both in Spain and specially at international level.

The International Tourism Fair has been to Portugal, according to the Secretary of State for Tourism, Cecilia Meireles, "one of the main sites of international tourism promotion, betting by FITUR since its inception with significant participation".

The distinction is a recognition to IFEMA, by organizing a major tourism trade event in the world and a reference to the international tourism industry, especially for the LatinAmerica and Portuguese markets.

The award has been given to the President of the Executive Committee of IFEMA, Luis Eduardo Cortés, who noted "the importance of Portugal to FITUR, whose presence has been continuous and committed since the first edition of the fair in 1981, representing the largest share of Europe and one of the largest in the context of FITUR ".

She also pointed out that for Portugal, Spain is his first source market and for Spanish tourists, the Portuguese country is among its three priority vacation destinations.
Portugal keeps its charm behind a jagged profile and caressed by the sea breeze. Possessor of a mystery that lasts for more than 800 years, this country is truly diverse and here all dualisms emerge and intersect: the past and the present, the cultural heritage and thr joy of living.

With a unique geographical location, land of sun and light and Atlantic vocation, the West Coast of Europe divided charms into five continental regions and two archipielagos: Lisbon, Porto and Northern Portugal, Central Portugal, Alentejo, Algarve, and the archipielagos of Madeira and Azores.

All these regions offer an extensive and rich monumental heritage, artistic and archaeological, with a cuisine as rich and varied as its landscape. A sun-drenched destination and 850km of golden beaches that offers nights full of culture and leisure marked by cosmopolitan environment of the cities.

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The Secretary of State for Tourism of Portugal, Cecilia Meireles,speak to the authorities after present the award to the President of the Executive Committee of IFEMA, Luis Eduardo Cortes, first in the left side.
The Secretary of State for Tourism of Portugal, Cecilia Meireles, speak to the authorities after
present the award to the President of the Executive Committee of IFEMA, Luis Eduardo Cortes, first in the left side.


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