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Prof. Umberto Solimene
President of FEMTEC

Prof. Umberto Solimene


Professor of Medical Therapy (University of Milan) since 1981
Director of Research Centre in Bioclimatology, Biotechnology and Natural Medicines, WHO Collaborating Centre for Traditional Medicine (University of Milan) since 1992
Director Research Centre in Thalassotherapy (University of Milan) since 2002

It is part as membership of various scientific societies: President of the European Association of Wellness Medicine since 2000
Secretary General of the World Federation of Hydrotherapy and Idrotherapy (FEMTEC) since 2000.
President of the Italian Association of Biologic Medicine since 2001
President of Italian Chinese Medical Society since 2004

Among his most significant awards : Award City of Milan ‘Ambrogino d’Oro’: emeritus citizen for research in the environmental field. 1972. Gold Medal of Merit of the University of Milan.1996
Gold medal of Merit of the Ministry of Health, Russian federation 2004

It belongs to the Editorial Boards : Journal of Traditional Chinese Medicine Magazine (Italy) Voprosi Kurortologii, i Fisiotherapii (Russian Ministry of Health )
He has participated as an expert in various meetings of the WHO traditional medicine and collaborator in various scientific papers since 1996.

He has organized and participated in more than 300 national congresses and on Thermal Medicine, Biometereología and Natural Medicines and has organized 15 international congresses about Idrology and Medical Climatology, Natural Medicine and Acupuncture . He has over 250 scientific publications on Medical Hydrology, Internal Medicine, Bioclimatology and Natural Medicine.

Coordinator of the International Seminars in Collaboration with Russian International Academy of Tourism ( RMAT) and State University of Bologna on “ SPA Management, Tourism & Healtht”. He is currently Editor in chief of the International Scientific Journal “THERMAE AND SPA MEDICINE"

President of the World Federation of Hydrotherapy and Idrotherapy (FEMTEC), a nongovernmental organization in official relationship with the WHO since 2000.

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