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  1. Health tourism development requires support from both health and tourism authorities. It is necessary to harmonize views of experts in various fields related to health tourism: tourism, health and public administration.
  2. In health tourism product, a complete and complex product, the main attraction is the medical act - the doctor being therefore a very important vector. It takes a balance in how to make investments, in order to identify units that meet the conditions of accreditation.
  3. Romania has three advantages in terms of tourism: exceptional natural resources, increased value of the medical acts and historical value resorts. The fact that investors did not understand all these things, this is the main reason which keeps the promotion failure and the lack of coordination between state institutions developing it.
  4. Introducing quality standards and certifications needed international recognition. This can be solved primarily by implementing a quality management system in health tourism.EU legislation provides that each state must develop a system of referential quality to harmonize with the EU
  5. Also according to the EU directive, Romania must have a national contact point to provide necessary information (information offered to healthcare providers about costs, a system of professional liability insurance that guarantees to cover any damage, transparent procedures which should guarantee the compensation for the patient, information confidentiality and so on). But this point of contact should be based on reorganization.
  6. Developing health tourism brings also indirect benefits. A day of hospitalization in a hospital unit has a cost 5-8 times more than a day with a full service generic cialis safety. Health tourism could reduce the influx to hospitals by taking chronic patients. It also requires greater collaboration between the hospital doctor and the spa unit to ease the flow of patients.
  7. Health tourism can create employment opportunities in health and tourism - currently, tourism is facing a shortage of personnel.
  8. A first step would be to identify those medical services that we can provide, our strengths.
  9. In developing health tourism packages we should take account of patient needs and his travel partner, a complete stay being already a complete routine for the countries with a tradition in health tourism.
  10. It is highlighted the necessity of shifting from a system of public-public partnership to a public-private one. A system of competitive collaboration among key public and private health actors takes a true public-private partnership between central and local authorities and investors, joint projects, including structural fundraising.
  11. The development and the marketing of health tourism product - health tourism can be divided into medical tourism and cialis price 20mg tourism through marketing activities of the two groups may be involved in each of these niches.
    12. Health tourism must be considered and adapted to local specificities, combining local culture with ethics and social justice to create a sustainable tourism product.

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