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The liberalization of health insurance, management of international patients and the main strategies of the marketing industry, topics to discuss, in Isai.


Logo turismo de salud RumaniaHealth Tourism within the context of globalization and sustainable development, will open scientific debate of the II International Forum on Health Tourism in Romania. Organized by the College of Physicians of Romania and Amphitheater Foundation in cooperation with the Ministry of Health, will be held during 25 to 27 January 2013 in the city of Iasi, economic and cultural center of the region of Moldavia.

The International Health Tourism Forum is aimed to continue the approach that began last year, that is a platform for communication among experts and health tourism in order to identify key resources specific to this type of tourism in Romania and worldwide, but also the integration of health tourism in the development of a coherent system. In that respect, it is proposed in the context of the second edition, to open a debate on the development of health tourism.

From the organization it is designed a comprehensive scientific program which will be developed in several working sessions and a round table conference. Topics include the liberalization of health insurance, management of international patients and the main strategies of the marketing industry.

The International Forum will begin with the presentation of Health Tourism in the context of globalization and sustainable development: opportunities, risks and benefits. And impact of the provisions of Directive 2011/24/EU of the European Parliament and of the Council of 9 March 2011 on the application of patients' rights in cross-border healthcare in the development of medical tourism.

A Round Table on Health Tourism in Romania will open the debate and analysis among the participants where the current situation of development of the area and the problems they face, will be exposed. The work day will conclude with the presentation of the book “Romania SPA-Tourist”.

On the 26th, will be an intensive work program. In several sessions, some specific topics such as Sustainable Touris, Health destinations, Opportunities and barriers for development of thermal tourism in Romania will be disscused. Methods of use of public-private partnerships to finance infrastructure investment for health tourism. Besides a case for study: How to develop a health tourism project.

Estación balneoclimatica Baile HerculanoThe following sessions will present two new issues: The international transfer of knowledge in the field of medicine and its role in the development of health tourism worldwide. The application of quality management of medical services and the development of medical tourism in Romania.

The afternoon sessions will discuss: The liberalization and internationalization of health insurance. Health tourism from the patients perspective. International patient management and active strategies to attract potential patients. The day will end with the practice session intended to develop marketing strategies for investment and tourism.

The International Health Tourism Forum after evaluating what are the best practices for romanian health tourism, will issue the conclusions.

In Romania there are over 120 places with natural resources and therapeutic properties, of which 40 are tourist resorts of national interest and about 80 are centers of regional interest. Also there are 70 climatic-balneo stations and 25 cities are historically recognized as treatment centers in the Roman period. All treatments are carried out under the strict supervision of the Official Institute of General Medicine, Institute of Balneology and recovery. The Institute of Balneology is accredited in Romania as an international center of high standing.

The thermal station most recommended is Herculane Baile. It was built by the Romans in the Cerna Valley, an idyllic place surrounded by nature. The fifteen existing sources of medicinal and thermal water are used in the treatment of rheumatic diseases, nervous and nutritional. The station is open all year.

| Recommended web: www.sbghiol.ro |


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