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Specialized consultantship

The Urban SPA, Centers of Thalasotherapy, Wellness and Thermal Centers have become an field of great interest from the managerial point of view.

The social dynamics generates the creation of spaces for the therapies using water to avoid the illnesses of the modern civilization: stress, the obesity, the nicotinism, cardio-vascular pathologies, etc. This means that we are before a estrategic movement and a business, generally quite unknown and very competitive.

An activity that requires investments of low, midle and high cost, according to the demand and the user's exigencies , depending on the location and the number of qualified personnel to attend the therapy that is applied in each establishment.


TERMASWORLD CONSULTING puts to its service the first Spanish consultancy specialized in investigation advice, design, communication and thermal management, of products y integral services for sport complex, hotels and managers planing to build an Spa, urban spa, center or wellness.

Through our experience and knowledge of this market, we can help in the selection of locations, analysis of viability, market studies, design of spaces, accessibility, legislation, etc. We have a database of the qualified companies in the national thermal sector and foreigners.

We can also collaborate with you in the search for the more suitable company for every necessity: builder, thermal engineering and equipment. Advanced technology in materials and design, technology for peloides, therapeutic pools, saunas and steam Baths, igloos, etc.

Termas World Consulting Services

  • Personalized Projects.
  • Products and Facilities.
  • Location Studies: saunas, Spas, Steam baths, Booths of snow.
  • Installation of pools, gyms.
  • Strategic Alliances: Partners promoters, Management.
  • Technical Studies: Architecture and works supervision.
  • Commercial Promotion.
  • Endowment of specialized professionals. Employment Exchage.
  • Public Relationships. 
  • Environment and installation of a System of Quality ISO 14001 for a thermal installation.

Comprehensive Services
Our associates, leading companies in the domestic and international market, ensuring a high level of quality and safety for our customers. Leading companies in design, manufacture and installation of saunas, which have a significant amount of resources devoted to I. & D. assures the best results by having the latest products on the market, with special emphasis on wellness projects.

  • SAUNAS. The sauna bath has a beneficial treatment for body and provides the satisfaction of the good moments of intimacy, personal dedication and rest.
  • SPAS. Dimensions, shapes and colors come together in a wide range indoor and outdoor products that combine the most current hydro massage with air and water. The relaxation will become a pleasure within your reach..
  • STEAM BATHS. Immersed in the care of body and mind, steam bath offers different features of the sauna. The steam is much more humid and very suitable for treating respiratory diseases, improve blood circulation and skin care.
  • HYDROTHERAPY: Thalassotherapy and Balneotherapy. Relaxation and comfort through hydro massage tubs that combine air and water systems most advanced. Thus effective treatments with sea water or medicinal water (showers or Scottish jet pressure, Vichy showers, sludge cabins, algae, etc.)
  • POOLS. Respecting the environment and creating the environment that you have imagined, designs of water spaces with natural simulations. Experience in construction and installation of indoor and outdoor pools. Water treatment systems for maximum quality assurance, conservation and environmental balance.
  • TENNIS COURTS, PADDLE, MINI GOLF. Modern outdoor sports facilities are the best complement for wellness.
  • GYMS. Custom projects to equip your gym and adapt to large complexes or small personal spaces. Besides LOCKERS with variety of shapes and colors and best guarantee in the manufacturing materials.


  • Free initial consultation.
  • Send your project to study it.
  • Before investing listen to the experts.
  • Our associates will evaluate your project and will propose a budget adapted to your economy.

For more information about these and other services please contact us: E-mail:


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