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Conmemoración del primer Centenario de la creación de la Cátedra de Hidrològía Médica UCM // Acto académico Centenario creación Cátedra de Hidrología Médica // Decano de la Facultad de Medicina en el acto académico // Escuela Profesional de Hidrología Médica. Centenario Cátedra // Profesores de la Cátedra de Hidrología én el acto del Centenerio // Primer plano J. San Martin y Javier Jorge Garcia Reyes que explica contenido bibliográficoGRUPO TERMAS together with the academic community joints the celebrations. The exhibition "100 years of doing science" that glosses over the activity of the Chair, one of the oldest in Spain, can be visited virtually.


The ceremony of commemoration of the first centenary of the creation of the Chair of Medical Hydrology of the Spanish University (1912-2012) started with of a solemn academic act and the opening of the exhibition of books and documents of Medical Hydrology Fund Library of the Faculty of Medicine, UCM, on April 17 2012.

The symbol chosen to represent the historical importance of Medical Hydrology was the Pátera de Otañes, a jewel of Roman goldswork of II century, found in 1788 in the town of Castro Urdiales Cantabria in which depict various scenes related to the use of medicinal mineral waters.

The Room of Degrees of Faculty of Medicine of the Universidad Complutense de Madrid hosted the solemn academic session chaired by the Vicerrector for Economic Matters and Infrastructure of the University Complutense de Madrid, Prof. Dr. Juan Antonio Maroto Acín. He gave the wellcome to all assistants, opening the speeches Professor Dra. Josefina Bacaicoa San Martin, Professor Emeritus of the University Complutense of Madrid, Academic of the Royal Academy of Medicine and Pharmacy and Coordinator of the commemoration acts of the Chair.

Professor J. San Martín Bacaicoa in his speech, thanked the authorities, teachers, students, students, old students, friends and professionals involved in the SPA sector present at the event, as coordinator of the organization of this event commemorating the centenary of the creation of the Chair of Medical Hydrology of the Spanish University (1902-2012).

Thanked Prof. Dr. Juan Antonio Maroto Acín, Vice Chancellor of Economic Matters and Infrastructure and Prof. Dr. José Luis Alvarez-Sala Walther, Dean of the Faculty of Medicine, "because their accepting to the proposal of this celebration and for sharing with all us this Academic Act. Also to those accepting with generosity, to collaborate and participate in the development of organized program. " (See program)

While the reasons and desires for this commemoration could be several, the most important desire said, is "to make known especially to the scientific community, the Chair of Medical Hydrology is one of the oldest in the Spanish University and that for a century has continue".

After point out the two dates of celebration of the commemoration of the centenary of the Chair, on April 17th (Madrid) and June 20th (coinciding with the commencement of the Congress of the International Society of Medical Hydrology and Climatology, in Lanjaron-Granada), she went on to explain the order of interventions.

"The first three will be related to each of the four professors who have developed this activity and the following three will refer to the relation of the Chair of Medical Hydrology with the Analysis of mineral waters, with the Spanish Society of Medical Hydrology and Professional School of Medical Hydrology and Hydrotherapy. "

Professor Josefina San Martin devoted an endearing memories for Prof. Dr. Manuel Armijo Valenzuela, which he said "we deeply feel that he can not be with us", while expressing his gratitude to the illustrious Professor " because so much he has done for Medical Hydrology for many years, for his teachings, has been my teacher and teacher of most current medical hydrologists and some pharmacists".

"We learned from him his industry and precision, to be truthfuland at the same time demanding, teamwork, together, with generosity, with simplicity, humility. Now, all we miss him and we send our gratitude and a heartfelt and fond remembrance. Rest in Peace ".

Finished the interventions of the speakers, leading doctors hydrologists of Spain, the Dean of Academic Medicine closed the Academic Ceremony which was organized by the Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation and Medical Hydrology School, was sponsored by the Sicilian Spa and Serón de Jaraba Spa (Zaragoza), El Raposo Spa (Badajoz) , Lugo Spa and collaboration of ANBAL.

Subsequently, the authorities and guests attended in the Staffroom of the Faculty of Medicine the inauguration of the Exhibition of Books and Documents of Medical Hydrology pertaining to the Collection of Medical Library Faculty of Medicine Complutense University.

The explanations on the content of the exhibition were made by Javier Jorge Garcia Reyes and Juan Antonio Rodriguez Sanchez.
The exposure comprise almost a hundred books and documents of of great scientific and testimonial value. They show the scientific itinerary of the discipline, which develops in nine display cases, divided into 15 sections. All works and documents on display are from the Faculty of Medicine of the administrative record and the old collection Faculty from the collection of the Historical Library of Marques de Valdecilla.

In the preparation of the exhibition intervened Professor Josefina Bacaicoa San Martin, promoter of the centennial celebration, Francisco Maraver and Francisco Armijo from the Medicine Faculty, renowned researchers and teachers in this area. Professor Juan Antonio Rodríguez, Professor of History of Science at the University of Salamanca, has acted as coordinator of the exhibition and author of the texts of the scientific program.

The Dean of the Faculty had special words of thanks for Librarians Javier de Jorge and Manuela Crego, Director and Deputy Coordinator of the Library of the Faculty of Medicine of the Universidad Complutense de Madrid and his team, for their enthusiasm and dedication in organizing Centennial, especially in the development of books and papers on Medical Hydrology, which have been included in the actual exhibition and those that will be included in the virtual exhibition.

The first celebration of the commemoration of the 100th anniversary of the Chair of Medical Hydrology, an affectionate meeting point between academics and students of medical specialty and Spanish thermalsmi, concluded with a Spanish wine.

During the present year the acts celebration of the centenary of the Chair of Medical Hydrology of the Medicine Faculty of UCM have been extended through several significant events, among which the clousure of the Books Exhibition and coincidentally the official discovery of a commemorative plaque and the celebration of the 38th Congress of the International Society of Medical Hydrology and Climatology (ISMH) held in Lanjaron (Granada), between 20 and 23 June, being chaired by Prof. Dr. Francisco Maraver Eyzaguirre.

The virtual exhibition "100 years of doing science: The Chair of Medical Hydrology of the Spanish University (1912-2012") can be viewed at the following address:
Photos: Archivo Termas World.

Exposición bibliográfica centenario catedra de hidrología de la Facultad de Medicina de UCM


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