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TermasWorld is an electronic magazine published worldwide in the net. It was registered in the Spanish Office of Patents and Marks with the number of file 23380931 on 22 October 2001.

It is the first electronic Magazine of publishing in Thermalism and Thalasotherapy, in the internet field. Published in four languages, Spanish, English, French and Portuguese, is also a platform to promote managerial projects in the thermal sector and new technologies in treatments and thermal cosmetic.

It was presented as innovative project in First Tuesday's Forum - Valencia (Spain), in the edition of June of 2000, dedicated to Enterprising women of the point com.

The interactive publication has presence with own domain ( and it is supported by professional and scientific experts that conform the foundation team, of Spain, France and Portugal.

The electronic magazine has been divided in thematic areas of interest as: Thermal News update; Bibliographical Database for consultation; Guide of the main Spas and Hoteles SPA & Resorts of the world; Thermal Tourism, where the trips become the best therapy to avoid the stress; Thalasotherapy or the power of the sea; Thermal Aesthetics, with the last tendencies in thermal and marine cosmetics and the possibility to subscribe to the Club of the Friends of the Thermal Baths and to receive the Thermal News Magazine. 

The web incorporates the series, Healthy Routes, co-produced with, first thematic searcher of health. A journey across different places of tourist interest of Spain and abroad under the healthy perspective and contributing to a better knowledge of the ancestral traditions of the culture of the water, thermal and marine, and the beneficial effects to maintain, to recover the health or to improve our quality of life. It is supplemented with the divulging of the environmental landscape, gastronomy and culture of the area.


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