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Scientific session of S.E.H.M. at the 38th World Congress of Medical Hydrology Lanjarón-Granada. Statements by the President Dr. Juan Carlos San Jose in exclusively to TERMAS WORLD AGENCY.


The Spanish Society of Medical Hydrology (S.E.H.M.)which this year commemorates its 135th Anniversary, held a scientific meeting where Spanish specialist hydrologists and researchers involved presented three lectures: The showers in psychiatry in the nineteenth century: a peculiar episode by J C. San Jose. The story of the Spanish Society of Medical Hydrology (S.E.H.M.) by A. Muela and Water Journeys ( II ) Granada spas and springs through travelers and hydrologists, by F. Armijo.

Diapositiva de la historia de la SEHM

In addition there were four oral presentations: The House of Hippolytus: a medicinal roman bath in Complutum by N. Grana and E. Diaz Long-term effects of treatment of psoriasis with mineral water and peloids of La Toja, by M. Arrribas, R. Meijide and M. Mourelle. Analysis of neuromuscular activity during scapulohumeral exercises in water and on land. R. Castillo, A. Cuestas and Balneology Research in Spain, by F.Maraver and C.Morer.

ISMH 2012 Dr. Juan Carlos San Jose Presidente SEHM // ISMH 2012 intervención Dra. Araceli MuelaIn Spanish the spas are conducted annually 11 million medical procedures related to specialty , according to declarations of President Dr. John C. San Jose.
LThe History of S.E.H.M. is linked to the Chair of Medical Hydrology which this year commemorates the Centennial of its creation in the Faculty of Medicine,University of Madrid (UCM), as can be seen from the declarations of the President of the Spanish Society Dr. Juan Carlos San Jose, in exclusive to TERMAS WORLD AGENCY
" Is the oldest medical scientific society of Spain being active since it was founded in 1877 by a Royal Order and has been developing its activity continuously. Its main purposes are the promotion of research and dissemination of knowledge in Medical Hydrology, and the promotion of the bath cures, thalassotherapy and bottled mineral water.

Currently consists of 120 members, mostly hydrology specialists and numerous partners that share two medical specialties. So besides hydrologists there are rheumatologists, rehabilitation specialists, neurologists, pharmacologists, specialists in family medicine, occupational medicine, etc.. This enriches medical hydrology since allow to tackle issues from a global perspective of medicine.

Now, the priority objective of the Society is the consolidation of the speciality within MIR System since a project of the previous government intended to exclude. Medical Hydrology has become a social necessity as we have calculated that in Spanish spas are conducted annually 11 million medical procedures related to Hydrology and for proper care and patient safety it is required some professional skills that at the present time only may be achieved through specialized training.

This 135th Anniversary we wanted to celebrate during the 38th World Congress of the International Society of Medical Hydrology which is a World Congress in which our Society collaborated actively and has been carried out in Spain, in the resort SPA town of Lanjaron, Granada.
During the Congress we have had two commemorative lectures, and what better theme for the 135th anniversary that historical themes. Thus, Dr. Araceli Muela presented the history and development of the Society, and I intervened with a lecture on "The use of the showers in the nineteenth century psychiatry ".

The President of the S.E.H.M., Dr. Juan Carlos San Jose who chaired the session dedicated to the Spanish Society of Medical Hydrology, opened the act scientist with a theme of historical character "The psychiatry showers in the nineteenth century: a particular episode."

In of Introduction and Objectives said that " During the the nineteenth century, several events converged in Psychiatry, in Hydrotherapy and in Thermal Medicine. Began the end for prepharmacological age to psychiatric illnesses. The psychiatric institutions left to be the asylum by vagrants, prostitutes and disabled. Pinel undertook the liberation of psychiatric patients with the remaining chains to keep them locked. Appear the systems to give water under pressure and to use the showers. There is not institution psychiatric that not use the showers for the treatment of their sick.

If we consider, in Thermal Medicine that a shower is a projection of water on the individual, this stage of the nineteenth century is a peculiar event because it was used several kind of showers which have not been used again, most of the time to break the sick and other to cause them a real shock therapy ".

The History of the Spanish Society of Medical Hydrology was presented by Dr. Araceli Muela , Balneario de Leana. Baños de Fortuna. Murcia. Spain. He referred to the history and development, to this day, given the personalities who have contributed notably to the study of mineral waters.

" The Spanish Society Medical Hidrology was founded in 1877, is one of spanish scientífic societies more old. Since then it has developed its activities without interruption. Regularly organize scientific activities to discuss topics related to the medical hydrology and publishes a scientific magazine.

The primary purpose is the promotion of the study of the medical hydrology and the momentum of the cure seaside, encouraging education and its practical application in medicine, research, social aspects and organization of the spa facilities; as well as seeking greater prestige, dissemination, scope and effectiveness of the services of the Spanish Medical Hydrology ".
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The history of the Spanish Society of Medical Hydrology was published in Issue nr.2 of Monografias Balnea and collected with extensive commentary in our digital magazine in January 20088 | See Information |.
On the future of the speciality of Medical Hydrology, Dr. JC San José, President of the S.E.H.M. in statements to TERMAS WORLD made an interesting evaluation, coinciding with the Biennial Congress of the Spanish Society of Medical Hydrology held in October 2009 in the city of Ourense, within the framework of Termatalia, Thermal International Tourism Fair | See Information |.

ISMH 2012  Sesión 135 Aniv. SEHM presidida por el Dr. JC San José


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