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President Carlos Lancia satisfied with this "historic" victory of the mineral water industry in Brazil, where the tax burden for mineral waters reached 42.5%, the same level as beer or carbonated soft drinks.


Portada de la revista "Agua" // Carlos LanciaBrazil will experience the year 2012 as historic for several reasons, one of them is the fact that for the first time and pioneering way among the 26 states, Santa Catarina included the category of mineral waters in the list of basic foods for health. With this decision, the ICMS rate this product category fell to 7%. This means that the final price of the mineral water sold in Santa Catarina may fall to 20%.

A promising and historical news, as defined Carlos Lancia, president of Abinam, "after years of struggling to prove that bottled water should be taxed as a basic element and not as a drink is also an important victory for the entire production chain mineral waters of Brazil”.

According to the president "it is an important aid to the growing number of families who buy mineral water for domestic use Despite the improvement in recent years in many social indicators, in Brazil 50% of households still do not have plain water".

With its ever-growing distribution becomes stronger and broader, mineral water industry in the country it showed that gets to where utility supply often fails, and in his opinion, "therefore deserves special taxation".

In this regard Carlos Lancia means that in Brazil, the tax burden of mineral water reaches an unacceptable 42.5%, the same level as beer or carbonated soft drinks. In other words, rather than be treated from a tax point of view as a staple food or refilled daily, mineral water in Brazil is taxed as a drink.

For the president of Abinam this should not be so because since the Association are not claiming this change only for the benefit of the mineral water industry. He understands that "the entry of mineral water in the basic basket can effectively help families, including those with lower incomes, who buy water for domestic use."

The case of Santa Catarina opens a precedent and from the business sector in Brazil represented by ABINAM, it intends to continue to claim for the ICMS of mineral water is reduced in Brazil, in all states of the Federation and in the Federal District.

The President of ABINAM makes these statements in the editorial of the official magazine of the sector Water & Life, distributed during the 20th Brazilian Congress of Mineral Waters which for the first time coincides with the 8th World Congress of Bottled Waters, the main event of the professionals bottled water industry.

"I would like to welcome all participants, of national and international level. We are very pleased to have brought the 8th World Bottled Water Congress in Brazil. It is a framework has been achieved through a partnership of ABINAM and ZENITH INTERNATIONAL. This union has everything to be further strengthened, promoting the entire chain of production of mineral waters of Brazil”.

Finally, in his commentary Carlos Lancia he devotes a few words of thanks to Senator Neuto de Conto, "for the excellent work that has developed in defense of our industry and especially for his work in Santa Catarina that culminated with the inclusion of mineral water in the list of basic foodstuffs".

Carlos Lancia interviniendo 


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