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The Brazilian Association of Mineral Water Industry (ABINAM) promotes this scientific event to be held in September in Rio de Janeiro.


Dra. Petra Sanchez interviniendo // Prof. Maraver interviniendo // Carlos Lancia interviniendoThe 3rd. Brasilian Symposium of Chrenology and Medical Hydrology will be held from 13 to 15 September 2011 in Rio de Janeiro. The splendid city will host this scientific event to be held in conjunction with the 20th National Congress of the Brazilian Association of Mineral Water Industry (ABINAM) and the 8th World Congress of the International Bottled Water organized by Zenith Internationalin and the ABINAM collaboration.

Among its objectives is to raise de value of the therapeutic properties of mineral waters and encourage the practice of the thermalism and health tourism in the country hydrothermal places. Besides contributing to the culture of health Crenoterapy and Médical Hydrology of Brasil.

Following the success of the previous, the 3rd Brazilian Symposium will bring together national experts and from Spain, country of great thermal tradition and experience in the development of thermalism.

The GRUPO TERMAS has been participainting since the launch of this important scientific event associated to the Annual Conference of ABINAM. It was in the 18th Brazilian Congress of the Industry of Mineral Waters held in the hydrothermal place of San Pedro, when were tackled two of the most valued aspects of the mineral water "the importance of hydration and its use as a source of health and well-being " from what was said by the President Carlos Alberto Lancia.

In the third edition of the Symposium and acting as guest speaker Prof. Dr. Francisco Maraver Eyzaguirre, Director of the Professional School of Medical Hydrology and hydrotherapy, Faculty of Medicine, UCM and prestigious Advisory Team of the www.termasworld.com and the specialist of Health Tourism Dr. Mayte Suarez Santos, publisher of Termas World and President of GRUPO TERMAS.

The opening of these events of global significance, will take place on September 13 at the Convention Center Windsor Barra Hotel, Barra de Tijuca. Rio de Janeiro.
The solemn opening ceremony of the 3rd. Symposium of Crenology and Medical Hydrology will be presented by Carlos Alberto Lancia, President ABINAM-SINDINAM.

The scientific session will be coordinated by Professor Dr. Petra Sanchez Sanchez, Mackenzie Presbyterian University. Invited speakers will present the latest industry trends through different approaches and analysis on national and international market.

"The Modern Crenology and its application to the Health Tourism: A aim for the New Millennium" will be the beginning and will be presented by Mayte Suarez Santos Suarez specialist and consultant of Health Tourism.

"Bottled Mineral Waters and its impact on Health" and "Scientific Research in Medical Hydrology" will be the topics of two lectures taught by Francisco Maraver Eyzaguirre, Professor of Hydrology and Director of the Professional School of Medical Hydrology Faculty of Medicine of UCM.

"The new Brazilian policy for the Industrial Sector: Focused on Mineral Water" will be presented by Miguel Antonio Cedran Nery, Project Manager of the Brazilian Industrial Development Agency (ABDI ).

Termatalia: "Trends and Business Opportunities for the Sector of Mineral Waters and Thermal Establishments" presented by Alejandro Carvallo Rubin, Managing Director of the Fair Expourense Spain.

"Protecting of Urban Perimeters in Areas of Spas" is the theme to be developed jointly by experts Valdajon Estrela, Engineer of Mines of the National Department of Mineral Production and Sebastian Peixoto Filho, Geologist and a member of DNPM. Brazil.

After the intervention of the speakers will open a round of conversation, discussion with experts.
After the scientific session will take place the opening of Expo ABINAM 2011 and the Bar Water where associated companies will present their new products, packaging design and labels and public tasting.
More information: www.abinam.com.br

Dra. Mayte Suárez recibe obsequio 


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