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The new regulatory framework in the field of Mineral and Thermal Waters and Health Tourism, among others subjects, in the 2nd Brazilian Symposium for Medical Hydrology and Crenology and the 19th Congress of ABINAM, held in Natal.


Carlos Lancia, Presidente de ABINAMThe 19 th Brazilian Congress of Industrial Mineral Waters discussed the importance of modernizing the water market with new returnable bottles, as stated by its president Carkos Alberto Lancia.

The ABINAM president, Carlos Alberto Lancia recalled the problem presented three years ago at the Congress of Fortaleza on the urgency of modernizing the industry of mineral water withdrawning the bottles without validity and quality,

That challenge was taken as a commitment by the present authorities and a year later the promise was fulfilled by Order 387, September 19, 2008.
The DNPM ordered the production and use of returnable bottles, stablishing a three years period for the validity of these packages.

"Now in this Congress of Natal, says Lancia, we commemorate the second year of the publication of the ordinance, it is our duty to thank the DNPM authorities by this initiative, that in just two years, promotes the total renewal of water market in returnable packaging. Was also fundamental the support from Health Authorities and consumer protection, as well as the Public Ministry, that joined forces on this measure. Moreover the decisively contribution to the positive impact on disclosure, which promoted the rapid consumer awareness".

In this sense, the president of ABINAM points out. "We all know that was needed was not an easy decision, due the wide ranging of the changes proposed. Although it was misunderstood by some segments opposite to this solution of public interest. Finally, with the participation of the packers and the measures taken to support their distributors, legal rules prevail, and today we have a new market".

Finally, Carlos Lancia welcomes the response. "In this situation we proposed conducting a research about the consumers opinion regarding the image of the bottle whose results we present in this Congress. We finally have a database that will help us to build this segment as required by the market and the consumer".

The 19th Brazilian Congress of Industrial Mineral Waters was held in Natal, together with the 2nd Brazilian Symposium and Medical Hydrology Crenology. The opening session was chaired by two presidents of the 19 th Congress, Roberto Pinto Serquiz Elias, president of SINCRAMI RN, and Djalma Barbosa da Cunha Jr., regional superintendent of ABINAM in Rio Grande do Norte, who welcomed the delegates. In addition to representatives of Abinam, authorities and national and international guest speakers participated in the solemnity of the occasion, Senator Neuto de Conto, the president of the Federation of Industries of Rio Grande do Norte, Flávio Azevedo, and vice Amaro President Sales.

Las intervenciones de Miguel Nery , Richard Hall y Prof. Francisco Maraver

The opening lecture was given by the director general of the DNPM, Miguel Nery, who made a lengthy presentation on the proposed New Framework Regulations for the area of Mineralization, which provides, inter alia, the creation of a National Advisory Board of Mineral Policy for encouraging and developing the sector, and the National Mineralization Agency to regulate and supervise the activities, including exploration of mineral water.

The sector of the global market of bottled water was analyzed by the president of ZENITH INTERRNATIONAL, Richard Hall, who in his lecture said global consumption of bottled water, which in 2009 reached 215 billion liters, with a turnover of 101 billion dollars in 2008, production was 207 billions liters.

Andres Padilla, vice president of ZENITH INTERNATIONAL for the Americas made an assessment about the challenges and opportunities in the water market and the consultant Ricardo Pastore referred to social mobility as the great driver of retail sales in Brasil.

During the session on Environment and Sustainability the Chair of ABINAM Scientific Committee, and member of scientific advisory team of Termas World, Prof. Dr. Petra Sanchez established a relationship between health and returnable bottles, emphasizing that such packages are required to meet the security requirements of bottled water.

Having in mind the next regulation on the Solid Waste Law, a round table was set up and composed of Justice prosecutors Saint Clair Honorato dos Santos, Margarete Matos de Carvalho and president of Sindibebidas PR, Luiz Roberto dos Santos, presenting a case of logistics developed in Paraná, with highly satisfactory results.

La presidenta del Grupo Termas con la Dra. Petra Sanchez y el Presidente del Abinam y el Presidente del Congreso Natal // Autoridades del Concreso en la Inauguración Expo Abinam 2010CRENOLOGY AND MEDICAL HYDROLOGY
The 2nd Brazilian Symposium on Medical Crenology and Hydrology was held with the presentation and analysis of three lectures given by the Spanish specialists Maraver Francisco Eyzaguirre, Professor of Medical Hydrology, Faculty of Medicine, University Complutense of Madrid, Mayte Suárez Santos, Thermal Tourism consultant and Brazilian Marcos Filho Unction, professor of post-graduate course in Thermalism of the National University of Entre Rios, Argentina.

The president of the GRUPO TERMAS Mayte Suarez presented the Health Tourism (or Wellness) as an alternative to sun and beach tourism, a trend that favors regions with a varied tourist offer and whose strategy is based on tourism development quality that benefits the resources associated with medicinal mineral waters.

Encouraged the private sector and the Brazilian government to be aware of the mineral wealth of this country, and implement the necessary conditions for the development of health tourism,recovering obsolete spas, improving infrastructure and acting according current trends of market demand.

Professor Francisco Maraver, director of the Professional School of Medical Hydrology and Hydrotherapy, Faculty of Medicine, UMC, and member of the scientific advisory Team of Termas World, first exhibited, the benefits of Thalassotherapy and Professor Untura Filho released the indications and contra-indications for balneotherapy.

The EXPO 2010 officially opened was ready to be visited throughout the Congress. In addition a water bar, where ABINAM associated companies presented their new products, packaging designs and labels and tasting to the public. The next meeting ABINAM 2011 will be held in Rio de Janeiro.

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  Sesión inaugural del Congreso donde estan todas las autoridades y ademas se me ve aunque de lejos


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