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Proffessor and Dr. Mrs. Maria G. Souto Figueroa
Scientific Directress of TERMAS WORLD


Scientific Directress of THERMAS WORLD is Professor of Physic and Chemistry and Bachelor of Pharmacy by The Santiago de Compostela University, Qualified of Basic School Teaching and Qualified of Human Nutrition and Dietetic by the Escuela Mayo of Barcelona.

Pertaining as Active Member to International Society of the Soil.

Active Member of the Spanish Society of Medical Hydrology.

Active Member of the Societe Francaise de Thermalism et de Thalassoterapie pour la Sante Bucco-Dentaire.

Active Member of the International Society of Medical Hydrology and Climatology.

She was selected by the European Council as participant in the Seminar

"Agua 96": Condition of the waters in the Rhone river basin and the Lemán Lake.

Appointed as collaborating of the Analytic Chemistry Deparment of the Chemistry Faculty of Santiago de Compostela, between 1979-81.

Co-Director of the "4th Course of Ecology and Society: Healthy Cities" organized by The Summer University and celebrated at Poio Monastery (Pontevedra, Spain).

Lecturer on the subject: "The Mineral and Medical Waters" in several Courses of Crenoterapy that has been taking place in Spain, France and Portugal.

Standing out among then her participation in the " 7th Jornadas Luso-Galaicas of Science and Development" organized by the Tras-os-Montes and Alto Douro Universities of Vila Real, where she presented the scientific study : "THE MINERAL ?MEDICINAL WATERS OF OURENSE PROVINCE (1998).

She owns a large experience as reseacher and we should pay special attention in her scientific knowledge contribution to the Thermalism in Ourense, to the following published works:

"Resultats practiques dans la crenotherapie bucco-dentaire a la source Del Tinteiro, Ourense, Spagne"1994. "As augas Termais", chapter nr 7 of the book"As Augas de Galicia" "El Rio Barbaña: Sus aguas y sus molinos"1997."Investigatio-Inquiry to 200 curiste about uses and efficiency of Tinteiro´s fountains in Ourense(Spain)1998.

The latest work mentioned, due its scientific importance,was published in the specialized magazine "LA PRESS THERMALE ET CLIMATIQUE" under the title "ENQUETE SUR L?UTILISATION ET EFFICACITE DE LA SOURCE DU TINTEIRO, A OURENSE ( ESPAGNE), SUR UNE COHORTE DE 200 CURISTES.

This scientific study was presented during the Congress of the Societe Francaise de Thermalisme et de Thalasotherapie that took place at Castera-Verduzan( Gers, France) in May 1998.

The Galician Royal Academy of Sciences has recently edited the book "Las Aguas Termales de Ourense" (1999). This publication counts with works of Dra. Souto togheter with those of others well-known experts in mineral-medicinal waters.


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