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Portada libro


Published by the Grupo Editorial Oceano, "Agua, H2O" la fórmula de la salud" has been written by the publisher and chairwoman of the GRUPO TERMAS, it coincides with the celebration of 10 anniversary of the web www.termasworld.com, created as well by Grupo Termas.


The scientific journalist Mayte Suarez specialized in thermal tourism and thermalism has just published his first divulgative book on the Water and the Health. Edited by Ocean in his collection Ambar, the book "Agua, H2O la fórmula de la salud" appears in size 210 x 210 hard cover, with a careful design, evocative of the water, and illustrated in full colour with a selection of photographies that enrich even more the content of 260 pages.

Doctor Mayte Suárez Santos, explains that her condition of journalist specialized in scientific communication and thermalism was the reason why she accepted the offer of the Publishing Grupo Ocean to write a book dedicated to the Water as formula of the Health.

Portada y contraportada libro

The book "Agua, H2O la formula de la salud", presents a very complete vision of the water, highlighting its condition of healthy element, contributing with information and innovative points of view.
For this reason the book has been divided in four large chapters whose aim is to discover the water from all the possible points of view: as healthy resource, as drink (now also, of design), as source of life, as protagonist of cures and treatments in spas, as a resource of beauty …

Thence, the first chapter presents a global perspective of the water, especially its consumption and the springs that supply the water.

The second one is dedicated to the Hydrology as medical science that deals with the therapeutic application of the mineral - medicinal waters, whereas in the third chapter we have been interested in including a new approach on the possibilities and benefits of the sea water with regard to the health.

As final chapter, an original compendium of thermal cosmetics with the last discoveries and an interesting trip through the five continents.

The task of compiling, investigating and writing all the information available has been laborious but very gratifying. A task that I have shared for several months with Carlota Máñez, journalist who encouraged me to embark myself in this project. She is also a person strongly moved by the passion for learning and transmit all that that it could contribute to our well-being.

Once finished the book we are sure to have produced a book regard the water, informative and updated for the reading, the knowledge and enjoyment of the people interested.

My gratefulness to Editorial Oceano, and especially to Esther Sanz, publisher of the stamp, for the offer as well as for the elegant edition of this work with a beautifully-produced edition, contributing to extol its content.

If this book fells into your hands, we trust that it deserve your attention , contributing to teach to value such a precious element. Because " Agua, H2O la formula de la salud " is an invitation to the knowledge of a scanty resource for the humanity which simultaneously constitutes a source of life, health and well-being as good as they come.

Mayte Suárez Santos is a doctor in Sciences of the Information and divulging specialized in scientific communication and thermalism, chairwoman of the Grupo Termas, publisher of the electronic magazine www.termasworld.com, dedicated to the diffusion of the culture of the water as source of health and well-being. Columnist of medicine and tourism of health in Spain and Latin-American means, as well as speaker in the congresses of the sector, she got several national and international prizes. | Download Resume (Spanish) in pdf |

Mayte Suárez Santos - Autora del libro


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