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Doctor in Medicina and Surgery.


Became Bachelor of Medicina and Surgery by the Faculty of Medicine of Coimbra University in 1942. He did his Doctorate thesis about thermalism under the name "As Caldas of Chaves" in the same University. In 1945, he studied Hydrology and Medical Climatology. Is specialized in General Surgery. He has followed a Course about Pedagogic Sciences in the University of Coimbra, Course of Thisiology and Sanitary Medicine, Course of Specialization in Rheumatic ailments for post-graduates in the Hospital Saint Paul of Barcelona( Spain); Qualified of Competence in Medical Hydrology by the Orden de los Médicos (Portugal).

He currently is: Clinic Director of Caldas of Chaves since 22 September 1945; Director of the Hospital of Caldas of Chaves since 1950 ; General Secretary of "First Tramontano Thermal Congress " ( 1973) ; General Secretary of the "Thermal Colloquy of Alto Tamega and Meeting Luso-Spanish in Médical Hydrology"(1988). Organizer of a divulging course "As Termas and the General Clinic"for Medicine Doctors of Northern part of Portugal and Galicia (1991).

Member of several Scientific Medical Assotations either national or international ,standing out among then "Portuguese Society of Medical Hydrology and Climatology" , "Spanish Society of Medical Hydrology", "International Society of Medical Hydrology and Climatology" (Germany), Foreign member of the Royal Academy of Medicine and Surgery of Galicia.

Author of several book, standing out especially the first one: "As Caldas of Chaves" (1945) and the recent one: "A Magia de Aquae Flaviae" He has made near hundred of Conferencies and Communications in Portugal and abroad about Thermalism and he is a well-known author of many articles for newspapers and magazines.

Tributes: "Amigos das Caldas de Chaves" and “Jardim Escola Joao de Deus” Individuality of the Year by the Regional Radios (1991), Silver Medal of Municipal Merit (1993), Gold Medal of Municipal Merit (1995) placement of his bust next to the Terma (September 22, 1995). During the Commemoration of half a century of clinical activity in Caldas de Chavez, was decorated by the Exm President of the Republic to the degree of Great Officer of the Order of Merit, on 10 June 1997 Day of Portugal, Camões and the Portuguese Communities.

Dr. Mario G. Carneiro passed away the day July 11, 2008 in his hometown, Caldas de Chaves.


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