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They resolve the jointly celebration of I Brazilian Simposio of Crenology and Medical Hydrology in the framework of the 18 º Brazilian Congress of the Industry of Mineral Waters.


Logo Abinan // Logo Sindicam // Logo Hotel FacendaThe appraisal of the therapeutic properties of the mineral waters and to restore the practice of thermalism in the brasilian hydrothermals stays, have been some of the agreements adopted by the Permanent Commission of Crenology of the Ministry of Mines and Energy, in the last meeting celebrated in the new headquarter of ABINAM.

To make these agreements effective, there has been programmed the First Brazilian Symposium of Crenology and Medical Hydrology as integral part of the near Brazilian Congress of the Industry of Mineral Waters. It will rely on the participation of Brazilian specialists and other from countries where the thermal treatment is widely developed by their experience and SPA tradition.

On the part of the Brazilian Association of the Industry of Mineral Waters (ABINAM) decided to celebrate the 18 º National Congress in the Estância of São Pedro, São Paulo's State, between septiembre 29th and on October 2th, 2009, establishing the official headquarter in the Hotel Facenda Fonte Colina Verde.

According to Carlos Alberto Lancia, chairman of ABINAM, " the present year the Congress will be enriched with the accomplishment of First Brasilian Symposium of Crenology and Medical Hydrology, meeting that will bring together national specialists and international experts, with the aim of appraisal the medicinal characteristics of the mineral waters and to stimulate the development of the thermalism in the hydrotermals stays".

Likewise he assured that with this new added value "the Congress will rely on a wide participation of all the interested parties in the markets of the mineral water and of the thermal tourism ".

Nueva sede Abinam, homenaje al Dr. Benedictus....NEW HEADQUARTER WITH HOMAGE
We have to point out that ABINAM inaugurated on 13TH last February its new headquarter, named after Benedictus Mário Mourão Medicine Dr. especialist in crenology, one erudite and divulging scholar of the medicinal and therapeutic properties of the mineral Brazilian waters. A commitment acquired in the last National Congress, as the president said, and that materialized with the discovery of a plate with his name at the entry of the headquarter, located in São Paulo.

In the solemn ceremony were present diverse representatives of the DNPM and of the CPRM, of the Permanent Commission of Crenology, of the packing industries, the board of directors of Abinam and friends of the honoured one.

Benedictus Mourão's figure, so much from the human aspect as from the importance of his professional work developed around the Crenology, it was highlighted by the president of Abinam, Carlos Alberto Lancia; by the general manager of the DNPM, Michael Nery; by Dr. Marcos Untura specialist in Crenology and by his sons Mário Mourão and Luiz Antonio Mourão.

Benedictus Mário Mourão, author of several books on Crenology, was a founder member of the National Academy of Medicine and of the Historical and Geographical Institute of Mines Gerais; holder of the Permanent Commission of Crenology of the Department of Mines and Energy; Scientist Director of the Brasilian Society of Thermalism and Director of Thermal Services of the Prefeitura de Poços de Caldas.

The Permanent Commission of Crenology ( CPC ), instituted by Decree Law 7841/45, was created to collaborate in the fulfillment of the Code of Mineral Waters that constitutes the basic legal instrument to regulate the research and quality of the mineral waters and the table water in the whole country.

The CPC is competent in the regulation of the crenological activities implanting and coordinating the application of the crenological doctrine in the whole national territory; the establishment of the basic conditions from the medical point of view and that the hydrominerals stays of the country, updating the chemist and therapeutic classification of their waters, adapting them to the sanitary procedure in force.

The Commission is in charge as wel to examine, when advisable, the information of research and working plans for the utilization of mineral waters sources; the need to determine the specific prescriptions for the companies using mineral waters for the preparation of medicinal salts; to issue reports on labelling, certifying the therapeutic qualities of these waters of other thermal products as well as possible counter-indications, among other attributions

The Permanent Commission of Crenology of Brazil is presided by Michael Antonio Cedran Nery General manager of the National Department of Mineral Production - DNPM - and is domposed of the following members:

  • National Department of Mineral Production - DNPM:
    Carlos Magno Becerra Cortez ( Head)
    Gilberto Ruy Derze (Substitute)

  • National Agency of Sanitary Vigilance - ANVISA:
    Cléber Ferreira Holy two (Head )
    Ana Virginia of Almeida Figueirido (Substitute)

  • Brazilian Society of Thermalism-SBT:
    Marcos Untura Filho ( Head )
    Enzo Luís Nico Júnior (Substitute)

  • Brazilian Association of the Industry of Mineral Watres- ABINAM
    Carlos Alberto Lancia ( Head )
    Petra Sanchez Sanchez ( Suplente )

The Brazilian Society of Thermalism, founded on April 17th 1974 by the Engineer Dr. Jose Peccinini Petri is considered of Public Utility by the State Decree of April 4th 1983 and is the oldest thermal society of Latin America.

Is affiliated to the STTH, FEMTEC OMTH, and to the FLT. composed of doctors, geologists, engineers, architects, journalists, licentiates, businessmen, etc. It has an very intense activity promoting congresses, seminars and workshops on the thermal development of Brazil.

According what to say Dr. Marcos Untura Filho, scientific director and the only Medicine Dr. specializing in Medical Hydrology of Brazil, the SBT had a more intense activity in the year 1987 when Thermalism Courses were imparted in several brazilian universities, being the speakers the scientific members of the Society.

" These activities disappeared in 1996 and it was at the beginning of 2001 when again we stimulate the Brasilian Thermalism, taking part in May, 2001, in the International Thermalism Symposium in Portugal, celebrated in Caldas da Rainha and in the II Congress of Federation of Latin-American Thermalism (FLT) in November of the same year, and the II Latin-American Congress of Tourism of Health which took place in the city of Varadero(Cuba)”

With the designation as member of the Permanent Commission of Crenology of Brazil, the Brazilian Society of Thermalism, promotes its scientific activities in the whole Latin America. | More information:

Comisión Congreso Termalismo y Crenología


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