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The impressive fortress of Masada, heritage of UNESCO outdoor stage for the celebration of “Nabuccco” in 2010.


Logo IsraelHanna Munitz, Director Generel of the Opera of Israel, has announced the oppening of one of opera´s most exciting and unique events in the history of the Israel.

To celebrate de 25th anniversary of the Israel opera organize a weekend of opera at the shores of the Dead Sea, emphasizing the production of “Nabucco” jewish opera by Giuseppe Verdi at the impressive fortress of Masadaa powerful symbol of heroism and survival of the jewish people.

The internationally renowed Director of the Opera of Israel, Daniel Oren will conduct “Nabucco” with opera singers of internatonal great renown headed by the georgian bass Paata Burchuladze. This musical weekend also will offers a variety of special events including concerts at sunrise on the Masada Mount and a unique gala concert with opera singer Jessye Norman. It will take place from 3 to 5 june 2010. 

Vista nocturna montaña... // Vista nocturna de Ein Boker“Nabucco” is one of the most popular operas by Verdi, is considered the italian composer of the jewish opera. This opera narrates the history of the King of Babylon, Nabucco, which destroyed the Temple of Jerusalen, exiled the people of Israel toward Babylon and finally seeks the jewish´s God forgiveness, rsetores their liberty. The plot moves from the Temple of Jerusalen in the first act up to the Hanging Gardens of Babylon. Featuring one of the most powerful and stirring choruses of Verdi. “Va pensiero” the song of the exiled Jews in the waters of Babylon, their yearning for freedom and their homeland.
This is a chour that has become a symbol of bravery, heroism and hope for better future.

Tickets for the weekend of opera at Masada are sold with packages which includes acommodation in hotels in the Dead Sea and the transfer to the performances.

Currently in the Dead Sea area over 4.000 roms hare offered in 16 hotels of 4 and mostly 5 stars, half of the belonging to international hotel chains ( Golden Tulip, Carlton, Plaza, Sheratn, Novotel ). These hotels have an SPA and Swimming pool with water from the Dead Sea, spa with treament for body care, health and beauty therapy and solarium.

We have to indicate that the Health Tourism accounts for 21% of the volumeof hotel business in the Dead Sea. In addition there are specialized clinics in the treatment of skin, joints, opthalmic, respiratory and cardiovasculr diseases. Each clinics has a qualified team of physicians and nursing staff. Several of these clinics operate under the auspices of an Israel university hospital.

With the weekend of opera of Masada, Israel Oera not only takes advantage of tourism resources in the Dead Sea but entered the international circuit of festival and summer opera allow tourism from around the world travel to Israel and enjoy performances of opera outdoors, located in one of most important and historical sites for the jewish peolple.

Local climatic conditions promise an experience without precedents in a country where there is near impossible the rain during summer. The stage will be located at the base of the mountain being Masada in the background.

Impresionante fortaleza... // Actores de escenificación descansando MASADA EXPERIENCE
Masada ( hebrew word for fortress ) is an isolated mountain in the eastern edge of the Judea Desert near the Dead Sea at an altitude of 450m above Dead Sea level. It is an impresive place of majestic beauty. The natural go up is very complicated. There is a cable railway or as an alternative highly recommended for lovers of photography, the climbing or descent by the “ Track of the serpent”.

The only written source about Masada is “ War of the Jews” by Flavius Josephus. Born as Joseph Ben Matityahu, whitin a priestly family, was a young leader at the outbreak of the Great Jewish Rebellion against Rome ( 66 AD ) when hi was appointed governor of Galilea. He managed to survive the suicide pact of the last defenders and surrender to Vespasian ( who shortly thereafter was proclaimed emperor ), events that are described in detail.

Calling himself Joephus Flavius, he become roman citizen and a sucessful historian. Moral judgement aside, his histories have largely proved accurate. According to Josephus Flavius, Herod the Great built the fortress of Masada between 33 and 31 B.C. .
Herod, an edomita had been appointed King of Judea by the romans and their masters and was hated by his Jewish subjects.He furnish the fortress as a refuge for him and his family. Included a wall around the plateau, storhouses, large cisternes ingeniously filled with water, barrracks, a palace and an armory.

Josephus Flavius dramatically recounts the history that was told by two momen qho survived. The defenders near on thousand men, women and children led by Eleazar Ben Yair, decided to burn the fortress and end their own lives.And so the romans found a multitude of deaths, but there was no plesure in the fact. Although they had been their enemies, could only admire the courage of the resolution and the great contempt of death that many of them had shown.

The heroic history of Masada and its dramatic end attracted many explorers to the Judean Desert to locate the the remains of the fortress. The site was identified in 1842 but extensive excavations took place I the years 1963-65 with the help of hundred of enthusistic volunteers from Israel and many other countries, eager to participate in the excitng archeological adventure.For all of them, always Masada symbolizes the determination of the jewish people to be free in their own land.

At the present it has become a place of great turistic impact as a National Park and cultural heritage of humanity reconized by the UNESCO in 2001. To witness the sunrise over the Dead Sea is a shwo that conveys the strength of an unique landscape in a symbol of freedom: Masada.

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Amanecer en Masada con el Mar Muerto de fondo


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