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Passion for nature

Recycling, sustainability programs or moderate consumption, these temples of relaxation strive to respect the environment. They are the new eco-hotels five star, located in the Chilean Patagonia, Fiji Islands, Egypt, South Africa, Bahamas, Canada, Brazil, Maldives and the Caribbean. Tourism, leisure and commitment to nature in almost intact landscapes. Discover intelligent luxury ... and ethical.

Ecotourism is much more than respect for the environment. The goal is that one of the fastest growing industries in the world take wealth to the communities where it sits. Tourism is attached to the rest, culture and nature, and if practiced with an open mind is a wonderful learning of tolerance and diversity. (OMT).

In the National Park Torres del Paine in Patagonia, rises this camp with the philosophy of living as the ancient nomads of the area, but with the convenience of a large. It can accommodate 30 guests in 16 domes built with the strictest environmental care: use one hundred percent renewable energy and electricity is very limited. They are resistant to strong winds, rain and snow and Patagonia are equipped with two single beds, blankets, polar, sheets and duvets. The ceilings have circular windows for stargazing before bed. The goal is that every winter all remain intact again (open only from October to April). Perfect for routes and expeditions in the Andes.

Ecocamp // Ecocamp Chile


Do not miss... The starry nights of Patagonia and horse riding through the national park where the camp.A journey for committed adventurers! You are in: National Park Torres del Paine, Chile. More information www.ecocamp.travel

Tiamo Resot // ANTS HILL (vista general) // Nimmo BayTIAMO RESORT. BAHAMAS
A paradise on the Andros island that can be reached by boat and inevitably you have to leave with a bag of trash to recycling- is one of the rules of the hotel, as there is no waste treated plant in the area .- has eleven bungalows with private beach and an environmentally sustainable management has been awarded several times. In its facilities is the largest solar power plant of Latin America and the Caribbean and the ecological cuisine is famous around.

Do not miss... nature activities that you can undertake throughout the island; diving, snorkeling or watch the sunset aboard a boat. Just enjoy:  www.tiamoresorts.com

It is not only a holiday center, it is also one of the institutions responsible for the recovery of native species such as the black antelope and leopard, and several social projects to benefit the neediest people in the area. In fact, it is governed by all standards of conservation Waterberg Park, considered Biosphere Reserve and the sustainability programs have earned it four stars of Eco Hotels of the World.

Do not miss... Its rustic but luxurious lodges, safaris and horse rides –the speciality- make it a perfect hotel for familia. www.waterberg.net

The forests of this country will likely be among the most breathtaking in the world. Huge firs, snow-capped mountains, breathtaking rivers ... In a remote corner of British Columbia is this unusual resort consists of nine log cabins, which can be reached by helicopter. Men do not own the earth. She has us is the motto of this complex contained in the prestigious book “Thousand places to see before you die”, by Patricia Schultz (MR).

Do not miss... There are few places where you can go fishing, trekking, kayaking and sail waterfalls and whale watching in the Pacífico. www.nimmobay.com

An unimaginable place in the desert who was born in 1998 to contribute to the economic development of the area. Its rock-cut architecture blends with an arid environment only in appearance, because it conceals a few meters a lush oasis of palms trees with salt lakes. Its unexpected interior is steeped in a harmonious atmosphere that offers the most exquisite pleasures, retaining its austere character and shaped by the rigors of the landscape identity.



Do not miss... Thanks to its success has managed to become the engine of a rich organic farming activity and handicrafts in the neighboring towns. www.adrereamellal.net

FijiResort (bienestar) //  FijiResort (playa) // SONEVA GILI room service // SPACE BEACH RESORT // POUSADA MARAVILHA FIJI ISLAND RESORT. FIJI ISLANDS
Jean Michel Cousteau created this hotel with the inspiration to break the syllogism luxury tourism and largest hotels equal to destruction of nature. He succeeded. The island of Vanua Levu was the place chosen to create this resort of strong commitment both ecological and social. In its staff there is always a marine biologist -diving is one of its main attractive- and feature an original water recycling system.

Do not miss... also organizes entertainment programs for the knowledge of the local culture. Multiple awards received in recent years corroborate their good práctices). www.fijiresort.com

Following the local architectural tradition has built this complex based on cottages forming villas that are that are sinking their pillars in crystal clear waters. Its style and philosophy is the personalization of intelligent luxury: absolute intimacy (between them there is a minimum of 20 meters), tastefully decorated to detail and a sense of unique harmony. Each villa- the hotel has 42 - with a dining room, bath and outdoor shower. And down a few steps ... the Indian Ocean. In addition to high standards to protect the ecosystem, including the Children Care program for orphan children in the area.

Do not miss... Private seawater pools of some of the villas, privately enjoy the healthy properties of seawater. Your SPA by Six Senses, among waterfalls, offers natural therapies such as ayurvedic, thai massage or Balinese. www.soneva.net | www.sixsenses.com/Soneva-Gili

Without losing a bit of luxury and sophistication, this resort in the Caribbean continues to ensure the environment: solar panels, efficient energy saving, commitment to recycling ...Its best suites feature a small private oasis.

Do not miss... The Janissa's Spa where you can enjoy natural therapies and massages to tune your body and mind. You are in: Grand Anse Beach, St. George's, Granada. Web: www.spicebeachresort.com

Of the 21 islands that form the archipelago of Fernando de Noronha, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, only in one island the human presence is permitted. It is a hotel full of charm and absolutely rigorous in its policy of respect for the environment-due imposition of the protection rules of this national park, but also by conviction of their owners.

Do not miss... Support the activities of local farmers and craftsmen, who produce most of the products used in the hotel, is another concern of the management team of this unique complex of eight bungalows of 40 m² each. www.pousadamaravilha. com.br


European Tourism Consultant and Thermal Management.


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