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Royal pleasure all year

Eight of the most important Spas of Europe decided to create an association in order to treat their guests like kings. Come to this club of "elite" we advise you to enjoy a real experience, pure relaxation and rest to face the next 365 days and pamper yourself with a plan of beauty and health.

Logo Royal Spa of EuropeRoyal Spas of Europe, an organization that brings together the main European cities chosen by the nobility in order to rest in their real spas: Budapest (Hungary), Baden-Baden (Germany), Archena (Spain), Neuenahr (Germany), Marienbad (Czech Republic), Naantali (Finland), Sarvar (Hungary and Bayreuth (Germany).

The European Association founded in 1997 and presided by Rainer Mertel Bad Neuenahr, stablish ruls of strict selection criteria for the incorporation of new members. To surpass requirements of mineral water quality to improve the health and welfare, a sophisticated SPA environment, modern hotels and a select program of cultural events are some of requirements for entry into the association of "elite".

The elegance and sophistication to shine on the last night of the year. The Opera Theater of Italian Renaissance Budapest is a splendid and affluent location ideal to celebrate the traditional dance on the last day of the year. Those who have managed to get a ticket can be confident that they will be well entertained, not only by all residents of the opera house, but also for the audience, which will be elegantly dressed.

•	Teatro de la opera de Budapest

The gala concert of New Year show soloists, ballet dancers, and the State Orchestra. Hungarian food and drink are served and the event closed with music and dancing in a festive atmosphere which later spread through the streets. The Opera House was opened in 1884 near to the banks of the Danube, on the Pest side having one of the most elegant interiors of Europe. E-Mail: info[a]

The New Year´s Eve celebrations are the culmination of a series of special events that mark the passage of New Year's Eve and the New Year. Budapest is a buzz of excitement in Eve, but the action is concentrated on three points: a disco that lasts 10 hours in Oktogon, Hungarian pop groups Nyugati Square and live bands from different countries in Vörösmarty Square. Midnight is celebrated with fireworks in Oktogon welcoming the 2009

Royal Spas
The year 2003 was the Year of Health and coinciding with this event, Budapest, througt the National Office of Tourism of Hungary, got the membership of the Royal Spas of Europe, an organization that brings together major European cities chosen by the nobility to rest in their real spas.

The thermal heritage of the city is compossed , among others, by: Turkish Baths of Kiláry, Rac, Rudas, Lukács. The spas Széchenyi, the largest in Europe and the famous Gellért Spa, one of the most beautiful. Important persons such as Visconti, Arthur Rubinstein, Richard Nixon, Raquel Welch, the Shah of Persia and Queen Juliana of Holland, who spent his wedding night in 1937 were some of the illustrious guests who enjoyed the charms of its healthy waters.

The richness of the natural thermal water was enjoyed by the Romans who built the first spa Aquincum and Gorsium. Tiberius Nero, son of Emperor Augustus established legal standards for the rational use of water from the springs in the hills of Buda.

Baños Geller

Throughout the history of Budapest, this natural wealth was a privilege enjoyed by the Hungarian nobility : Frederik Barbarossa, King Sigismund of Hungary and Lydwing and Edward VIII (XX century) that chose the finest spas in the capital to benefit from the therapeutic effects of its springs. The influence of the Habsburg monarchy was very important for the marketing of mineral water to the five continents.

At the present time is one of the attractions of the Hungarian capital, known as the "Paris of the East", highlighting the thermal architecture influenced by the Roman and Ottoman style, with copper domes and beautiful mosaics.

La fuente Cantarina y a Columnata en Marianské LázneWith several discounts and special packages, the Royal Spa Marienbad receives visitors in the period prior to Christmas in the landscape of Bohemia. Besides these, there are offers such as "Czech Christmas and New Year Czech" for those wishing to join Spa treatments during the celebration. By this time, many visitors come to the Czech Republic attracted by the various celebrations that are scheduled with the start of December.

The progam "Unique Real Experience" is supervised by the professional staff of the Spa Hotel Nové Lazne, a warm and beautiful building of 1896. The package includes 7 nights with various treatments to get fit , other natural therapies and further drinking natural mineral water with curative effects. Can be complemented with other sports such as golf courses, tennis, hiking and cultural visits to the Museum of the City as well as concerts.

Marianske Lazne, the youngest sea side resorts of the West Bohemia, is distinguished by its beautiful surroundings. The valley in which the city is located, is open to the south and is protected by wooded hills. The altitude of 630 m. above sea level, clean air, parks carefully care, architecture, sports and social events are attractive aspects of the personality of this beautiful city.

Since the beginning of the nineteenth century was the famous spa and prominent visitors include Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, F. Chopin, King Edward VII of England who visited several times.

The aroma of the punch, the gingerbread and freshly roasted chestnuts, take you to more than one hundred stalls lit and decorated, offering crafts, Christmas decorations and culinary delights at the entrance to the world famous park and garden "Alee Lichtentaler".

In Baden-Baden, where the Emperor and Empress of Germany have had the summer residence for more than forty years, the guest today is still a king. A stay in Baden-Baden is always an exciting experience for body and soul, due to its unique international atmosphere and its first class offerts. Large parks and landscapes and avenues flanked by trees invite relaxed walks.

Caracalla Spa // Baden Baden

The streets of downtown exhibit exclusive boutiques and out door coffe shops.You can enjoy major events in the Festpielhaus, the second largest opera and concert hall in Europe. Or try your luck at the casino, the most beautiful in the world (according to MarleneDietrich).

Relax and Wellness can be found in the two Thermal Baths in Baden-Baden. The Caracalla Spa resort in the heart of Baden-Baden, offers wellness and relaxation between elegant marble columns and tempting turquoise swimming pools with water. Immerse yourself in the invigorating waters rise in the depths of the city. Rinse your mind, appease your soul and let your body find its natural balance.

Those who like action, have all the possibilities: eight holes golf, tennis, horseback riding, hiking, mountain biking, climbing or climbing balloon.

Bayreuth, the Bavarian city on the banks of River Main. It has about 70,000 inhabitants. The city is known for its relationship with the composer Richard Wagner in Bayreuth, who lived from 1872 until his death in 1883. Wagner's house, Wahnfried, was built in the city thanks to the patronage of King Ludwig II of Bavaria and has become a wagnerian museum. In the north of the city is the Bayreuth Festspielhaus, an opera house built specially to represent the works of Wagner.

Premieres of works Nibelung's Ring and Parsifal took place in this theater. Each year Is held in the city of Bayreuth a Festival devoted to the representation of the German composer of operas. This city is also famous for its university (Universität Bayreuth), specializing in economics and environment.

R Wagner Festival al Hall // Thermal spa Bayre

It is not only famous for its festivals and its university, especially appreciated as a spa town not only with a rich heritage, but also with an ultra-modern health center that offers an unsurpassed wellness program. Surrounded by the beautiful natural landscape of the region known as the "Switzerland of Franconia and Fichtel Mountain, Bayreuth offers a wide range of sports and leisure activities.

A multitude of modern sports facilities and opportunities for thermal baths, especially the Lohengrin Thermal equipped with modern facilities for treatment of mineral water - hydroponic cure - to ensure their select customers a personalized service in an atmosphere of relaxation and wellness. The city has a history of more than 400 years as margraviate residence.

The Margravial Opera House, the "Neue Schloss" and the historical park "Eremitage" with its Baroque castles and sources should be included among the most famous tourist attractions and should be part of every visit to the city. These historic sites are officially designated as world cultural heritage by UNESCO.

Archena is located at the entrance to the picturesque valley of Ricote, place of excellent wines and where is the spring of the mineral medicinal water declared of public utility. It is a destination to enjoy the story, drop by drop, because here left their mark the Iberians, Romans, Moors, and so on. The famous spa resort appears after bend a curve in the road that ascends the Segura valley, surrounded by a lush palm trees, orange, lemon, jasmine, tropical plants, pine and eucalyptus.

The healthy value of Spa Archena is due to the properties of medicinal mineral water classified as Sulfuradas containing calcium chloride, sodium, rich in hydrogen sulfide and flowing at average temperature of 52 º C. The waters are clean with a characteristic odor. They are used both as preventive and curative are an excellent natural remedy to ease processes rheumatologic, dermatological and stress .

Palmeral de archena // Piscina

The clay is a thermal power in  Archena. These are mud springs that are the result of a careful mixture of water and clay, then subjected to an elaborate process of maturation. These MUDS are used later for the realization of full or partial wraps, between 38 º C and 41 º C for 15 minutes. The sludges provide sedative and anti-inflammatory benefits.

Spa Archena obtained the Seal of Quality EUROSPA med from the European Thermal Stations Association – ESPA- that certifies the quality of therapies, hygiene of the establishment and security of the host. Spa Archena credited with this new distinction its international status as a member of the Royal Spas of Europe.

In its offer of relax and beauty there are two areas: piscinastermalium with two active  pools of thermal water and balneatermalium based on the combination of heat and cold contrast. The Archena Spa has introduced a new program called "Relax with your family," the initiative is intended that parents can enjoy spa treatments while childrens are provided with facilities ready for them such as thermal pools for children, childrens´s play centre, children's menu,  welcome gifts, among others surprises.

BadFor nearly 150 years, Bad Neuenahr has been recognized as one of the best spas in Germany. Princess Augusta in 1858, later Empress of Germany and Queen of Prussia, opened the spring at Augusta, which took its name. Apollinaris mineral water in Bad Neuenahr gets its name after San Apollinare and has become famous worldwide as the "Queen of the table waters".

There is a complete package of tourist offer called "Royal Fascination" with services from the Steigenberger Hotel and The Symphony of the Senses "Health and Wellness Center.

During decades, a great number of clinics and hospitals have been established around the therapeutic springs of the famous Apollinaris mineral water. Natural mud treatments of Bad Neuenahr were introduced in 1908 and became extremely popular worldwide. Today, the resort offers only Mudtherapy, mud treatments with three therapeutic effects.

In Bad Neuenahr you will discover the Christmas oases around the spa park bridge on the River Ahr. Regional specialties and music will prepare you for the holidays. Between Christmas and New Year you can enjoy romantic walks by the river.

Sárvár is one of those Royal Spas of Europe. It is also one of the most beautiful villages, located near the main highway 86 that runs from the Austrian border to Lake Balaton. It is a small town with a rich culture and history, surrounded by hot springs, forests and hills.

One of the features of the Sarvar is the Nadasdy Castle which dates back to the Middle Ages. The village development began in the times of the Family Nadasdy.

The tourists also like visiting the village for its high level of culture, such as the International Folklore Festival is organized every year, the International Band Festival,  the outdoor market  Simon-Judas and also the so called Historic Days event.

One of the most attractive aspects of Sárvár is the wealth of its curative waters from two completely different types Thermal water that springs from a depth of 1200 m. with  temperature reaching 43º C, while the water that emerges from a depth of 2000 meters has a high salt content and temperature exceeds 83 ° C.

The famous crystal Sárvár is produced from this high temperature and high salinity through evaporation. This therapy with plenty of salt water can be used effectively in the treatment of joints as well as dermatology and gynecology.

Sárvár is part of the touristic itinerary of Healthy Routes by the Western Trans-Danube published by  Grupo Termas in collaboration with  Known as the Route of the Wellness, is one of the most emblematic thermal-tourist circuits for vacations  of  rest and health in Hungary.

In 2004, the Spa and Wellness Center of Sárvár won the first prize of the Association of Hungarian Spas in the category "Best Wellness Center".

Naantali SpaNaantali has a long tradition as a spa town, the first bathhouse was established in the eighteenth century. At one time the Russian Tsar and his family enjoyed a refreshing swim in the place where currently it is the restaurant Merisali.The current Naantali Spa Hotel continues this prestigious tradition.

The Naantali Spa Hotel and Resort is the most luxurious hotel spa of the Northern countries and is located in the Baltic Sea, right in the heart of the archipelago. Naantali Spa Hotel is the only destination that offers an atmosphere of luxury cruise and the opportunity to enjoy the services of high standing in the exquisite Spa where treatments of relax and fitness are applied.

The magnificent hotel is complemented by its location in the picturesque and historic town of Naantali and the natural beauty of the surroundings of the Finnish Archipelago.

The Naantali Spa Hotel offers everything your body may want: wellness, relaxation and delicious cuisine. We suggest a weekend of luxury, two nights. Accommodation in a hotel suite or a luxury cabin on a boat hotel.


Journalist specialized in Medicine and Thermalism,
President of Spanish Association Friends of Thermal Baths. Scientific divulger.


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