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Journalist specialized in Medicine and Thermalism
Publisher of the electronic Magazine

HEALTHY ROUTES is a series that promotes the Tourism of Health to break up with the routine, to recover the healthy habits and to avoid the stress. An innovative experience that seeks through itineraries of tourist interest to offer a wide knowledge of the spas and the Thalasotherapy centers for vacations of beauty and health.

A healthy journey to know the mineral-medicinal waters and the sea water properties and their preventive and healing effects by means of ancestral therapies as hydrotherapy, mud-therapy, algae-therapy, thalasotherapy applied with the most advanced techniques, to maintain, to reach or to improve our health and to get the well-being and harmony of the body and the mind.

We will elaborate the content of each itinerary, highlighting those places of the geographical landscape where the water is an special protagonist (rivers, lakes, sources, cascades) and healthy environments to enjoy our leisure time. The information will be supplemented with suggestions on the culture, gastronomy and public festivities of the area.

Healthy routes designed by tourism and health experts so that you may discover the Spain of the Thermal Baths and a new concept of water, beauty and health in the hotels SPA and resorts. Rest, healthy diet, termal enviroment, marine air and contact with the nature, are our proposals of monthly routes. Get ready the neccesary equipment: bathrobe, swimsuit, bathroom cap and slippers and chooses an revitalizing escape to improve your health.. shall we try?

HEALTHY ROUTES, monthly series designed and published by and so that you break up with the routine, enjoy your time of leisure in a healthy environment and discover the prime of natural and tourist resources relating to Thermal Baths of Spain.

Copyright © Rutas Saludables 2001-2006.Todos los derechos reservados

Healthy Route through the Western Trans-Danube, the paradise of the Wellness.

In order to discover the multifaceted, beautiful and hospitable Hungary, nothing is better than traveling through to the Western Trans-Danube that has frontiers with Slovakia, Austria, Eslovenia and Croacia. This region is known as "the entrance door to West" and it stretches from Lake Ferto that is part of the National Park Ferto-Hanság to the Lake Balaton, one of the main tourist attractions of the Central Europe. With this refreshing itinerary we design a Healthy Route to rejuvenate.

The thermal power of Budapest. Route for their Real Spas

The Danube slow its water when entering in the Heart of Hungary and pass majestic by their royal spas... Budapest shows all its "glamour" as capital of the new thermal Europe. Conquered by the Romans and Turks and elected by the European nobility, to get lost in Buda and Pest, is to live an historic adventure. Our Route is an invitation to recreate the body and the spirit in emotions and thermal pleasures.

The Route Across the Maestrazgo. From the mountains to the sea

Their houses hang from imposing cliffs, their history tells about Arab legends and its situation makes this area of Castellón, an endless route. A trip across the Maestrazgo is to enjoy an authentic " revival " of rural tourism in synergy with the tourism of health. To discover the essence of the ecology and get fit in some thermal baths close to the Mediterranean Sea.

Thermal Route corssing Andorra, the country of the Pyrenees

Andorra becomes beautiful with the termoludismo ( thermal ludic ). It is the tourist reference of the new millennium. The Principality exports health and well-being with its valuable natural patrimony: the thermal waters of Escaldes-Engordany. Ancestral thermal baths that emanate from 32 sources sulfurous waters that design a thermal route that revitalizes and rejuvenates.

Solán de Cabras, Vergel of the Nature

In the Mountains of Cuenca, half way between Madrid and the eastern Mediterranean Coast (Levante), is located the Valley of Solán de Cabras, a true orchard of the nature crossed by the Cuervo River. A natural amphitheatre among the immense and majestic rocks of sculptural shapes and surrounded by an exuberant vegetation. In this ecological environment, spring up a vivifying source of clean and natural transparent water that not only refreshes our thirst but the curiosity for the histories and legends that are told in this place.

The Axarquia, after the traces of the Arabs

Fortress, minarets, castles, sources, waterwheels, irrigation ditches, Arabian baths ?are the beautiful images of this gentle region of Malaga: The Axarquía. A route of not very well-known water that we discover in the summer season when the sun and the exotic Mudejar style attracts thousands of Europeans that look for in this region of thousand colours, the characteristic stamp of Andalusian towns.

Al-Andalus, the Route of the " hammam "

Magic, beauty and the refinement of the Muslim architecture with their arches and lattices, adorn the stage where the water and lights game in the dimness, involves the mystery of the " hammam ". The Arab Baths are the inheritance of Al-Andalus, strong Islamic Civilization with her own personality, located in earth of encounters, mixture of cultures and fertile mestization. Its importance in the social and economic andalusí life was so big that Sheherazade, the princess of Thousand and one Nights said that a city was not complete if didn't have its " hammam ".

The Route of the Spas for the District do Ribeiro

Forests and vineyards in the lands of Ourense, draw a dominant landscape of pines, chestnut trees, oaks and eucalyptus that grow in the hillsides and settle in patches, showing to the travelling a green Galicia in all its harmonious nuances.

The Route of the Thalassoterapia for the Basque-French coast

Caressed by the water and the Atlantic wind, the French Basque coast is the sanctuary to get the top form and to practice the surf. The sea in all its splendour, soft and brave; art in movement. It is the water in all their shapes, for enjoyment and benefit of those who have discovered that the sea is beauty when it is in calm and imposing spectacle when she becomes furious. A gift for the health and an attractiveness for the surfist that slips on the waves, defiant and vitalist.

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