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Healthy Route through the Western Trans-Danube, the paradise of the Wellness.


We follow the itinerary of the Route, now towards the city spa of Bük, by the highway nş 86 up to the crossing with highway nş 84. According to the map, we turn to the left towards Sopron and when passing the first town we take a detour to Bükfürdó, where we will spend the night in the Danubius Thermal & Sport Hotel Bük.

In prospectings carried out in northwestern part of Bük while drilling, looking for petroleum in 1971, they found the spring of hot water at 56şC of Bükfürdo. With water flowing at rate 1000/litros/minute, the spring of Bükfürdo is considered the most productive thermal well of Central Europe.

Rich in salts it belongs to the group of alkaline waters. Due to its high content in calcium, magnesium, carbonates, carbon dioxide and iron can be used as water for drink and therapy for immersion or bath.

Today Bükfurdo is one of the most important places of health in Western Hungary. Covered and outdoor pools, hotels and other services dedicated to the recovery and the entertainment occupying more than 14 hectares of land dedicated to the tourism of health, leisure, and well-being.

We enter directly to the Hotel Spa and Wellness Centre located in a roomy and calm place with view toward the foothills of the Alps and in the heart of the nature. The welcome to the group was very pleasant. A person pertaining to the Sales Department welcomed us on behalf of the whole personnel of the Danubius Thermal & Sport Hotel Bük .

The spa of Bükfürdo, located 25 km away from the Austrian border, is well-known in the whole Europe although its great fame started in the second half of the XX century. The thermal waters of invaluable therapeutic value, the alpine climate and the high quality of the services and facilities, transformed this privileged place into a point of reference in order to enjoy thermal vacations, relaxing and the practice of sports.

Is a hotel equiped with all the facilities of a modern thermal spa and a wellness centre designed to offer the visitor spaces to relaxing and a getting fit, as we could appreciate during the journey through its facilities.

After visiting the Spa, we return to the Hotel to make comfortable ourselves and to enjoy all the thermal pleasures at our disposal. First of all, we were invited to toast with champagne with wishes of a happy stay.

The group became soon dissolved. Most of the men stayed in the bowling alley, others rented golf clubs and tennis courts in order to play before dinner and the women choss the bath of bubbles and refreshing massages with aromatic oils. Body and mind relaxation. The dinner was strictly dietetic. The welcoming atmosphere of the pub and the good mood of some assiduous Germans to the spa, cheer up the Hungarian night.

It was dawn when we went down to the garden. All together, we enjoy the first bath of one sunny day that was promising many emotions. What surprised us more was to see mascots going for a walk with their owners so early. Same as in Sopron, Danubius Thermal & Sport Hotel Bük admits animals in its hotels located in full nature.

Before leaving we buy some cosmetic products elaborated with thermal water of Bük. We also request in reception some informative pamphlets on those "Stays of Well-being" of Danubius Hoteles aimed to the relaxating, the vigorización, beauty and preventive program recommended for active people that appreciate their health and have invested in their care.

We pass close to the Szapary Castle, important monument, representative of the baroque architecture, and by the same highway nş 84 we go to Sárvár that togheter with Bük and Hévíz, are the emblemátic cities spa of the western part of the Trans-Danube.

If we enjoy the infinite variety of relaxing ways and the healthy exercise outdoors to our disposal in Bük, to arrive in Sárvár is to return to the world of the sensations and the Wellness experience.



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