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Healthy Route through the Western Trans-Danube, the paradise of the Wellness.


We leave Sopron by the highway nş 84 towards Sárvár, in Lövó we take a detour to Koszeg .

Hardly it can be found a most beautiful entrance in the country than this small city close to the austrian border. Here the Alps become the hills of Pannonia.

Koszeg it is a small and gentle city, at the foot of the mount Írottkó that resisted the turks assault and preserve an architecture and an atmosphere that transform it into one of the most attractive cities of Hungary.

At eleven o'clock in the morning, in the main square, we have the opportunity to attend the traditional trumpet touch. At this time, every day, the retreat of the Turks due to the population's glorious resistance is remembered.

Memories of that resistance that allowed Vienna to get ready to confront sultan Solimán the Magnificent , are also the walls, bastions and the Door of the Heroes of the Jurisics Castle, where the history of the city is shown.

To visit Koszeg is like attending an living school of art history. It conserves its old and peaceful flavour for this reason has deserved the title "case of jewels." The City council attracted our attention due to its purest Gothic style, battlemented and decorated with coats of arms, it has been conserved partly, but its original operation has stayed from the XV century. San Juan's Church, is one of the most beautiful Gothic monuments in the country.

We leave Koszeg by the highway nş 87 and we go southward to Szombathely the biggest city in the Trans-Danube whose origins go back to more than 1.800 years, when it was the headquarters of the Roman governor's of Pannonia. There the Emperor Septimio Severus was proclaimed in the year 193.

In fact, Savarian, been founded by Cesar Claudio "the Divine" in the year 43 before J. , it was the predecessor of the modern Szombathely. The city is proud of its almost two thousand year-old traditions, preserved from then on with great care. One of its treasures it is the Iseum, the biggest sanctuary dedicated to Isis, of egyptian origin, found in the territory of Panonnia.

The Route of the Amber, the famous trade route that connected the Baltic Sea with the Roman Empire, also crossed Savarian.

At the end of the XVIII century, Szombathely became Episcopal center and at the same time it received its baroque aspect. Memories of that time are the impressive Cathedral, one of the biggest baroque churches in the country, also the Episcopal palace and the seminar. The school of music of the city is named after the great Hungarian composer Béla Bartók.

To do tourism in Szombathely is very gratifying since it satisfies the preferences of all visitors. Those interested in the old history are fascinated in the Museum of Savarian, the biggest one in the Trans-Danube, contemplating an excellent collection of objects of the Roman time.

In the Museum Vasi, an exhibition about rural life during the XVIII and XIX centuries and also the architecture and culture of lodging of Hungary, Croacia and Eslovenia, in cities and towns.

Those longing for culture may find their programs in each station of the year in Szombathely. In March the Days of Spring, in summer the Festival in the Open Air of Iseum, the International Dance of Savaria Competition and the Bela Bartók Festival and in September, the Autumn of Savaria offers several cultural and entertainment events.

The fishing pond and the lake and its environment are pleasant places to rest. Here we take a breather before abandoning this small paradise where we discover that in the forest of Kamon that at the present belongs to the city. There are three thousand different species of trees and bushes to be studied peacefully, month after month.



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