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Healthy Route through the Western Trans-Danube, the paradise of the Wellness.


In Hungary, the nature remain untouched. Those that already have visited the country know that it is an exciting and peculiar nation, where you can rest both in the banks of the streams or mighty rivers, near picturesque lagoons or on the edge of one of biggest lakes of Europe. It is another form to relaxing or to refresh.

We are living our particular hungarian adventure through those "roads of the water" -according official estimations, there are 3.500 kilometres of such routes crossing the country in all directions - and discovering that Hungary, being a fifth of Spain surface, has 5 national parks, 52 regions of protection of the environment, 145 nature reserves and hundred of protected places that, in total, it represents a tenth of the total of the territory.

The Lake Ferto is mentioned for the first time in an official document of the year 1199. Its biggest part now belongs to Austria (Neusiedler See) and the Hungarian surface is 82 square km. Its average deep is 0,60-0,70 metres. But even in the deepest point it doesn't have more than 1,6 m.

We find different landscapes around the lake that is part of the National Park Ferto-Hanság, occupying a thousand hectareas approximately. This protected natural reservation is a territory planted of reedbeds where there are 300 species of nesting and emigratory birds and thirty species of fish in the water. Among the strange birds of Hanság, the bustard attratctsly our attention. They can be observed from sailing ships, as we do now, that also allows us to know closely the original lacustrine housing.

We return to Löverék to pick up our baggage. We thank the attentions and the oppurtunity to practice the wellness philosophy that is applied in the Bio-Sport Hotel Lövér. We all leave the hotel revitalized.

During our stay, notwithstanding short, in this magnific hotel, we enjoy practicing all type of sports outdoors and carrying out different relaxing techniques with monitors that projected us a healthy optimism. To learn the lifestyle wellness is, without a doubt, one of the pleasing experiences of the Route through the Western Trans-Danube.


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