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Healthy Route through the Western Trans-Danube, the paradise of the Wellness.


The Hotel Raba celebrates this year its centennial. It is a city hotel pertaining to the chain Danubius Hotels Group. We are welcomed and kindly invited by the sales responsible to go through the emblemátic building that has played an important role in the history of Gyor.

Exactly 100 years ago Mihály Meixner a well-known as an industrious and good professional in the twon, inaugurated its hotel and named it Meixner-Royal. Although in the following year was burn to the ground, but with the held throughout the city, the hotel was opened again a year later.

It also suffered the storms of the history. During the First World War soldiers were stationed in its period of splendor went parallel to that of the city, but in the World War II it was severely damaged by a bomb. Later on nationalized it was rebaptized with the name of Red. At the end of the 1960 its name was again Hotel Raba.

Despite of so risky history, we observe that the building remain well conserved. After a slight lunch of cucumbers salad and fish at the inviting restaurant, we went to discover Gyor.

The group break up. Some go through the city searching those corner-balconies of Baroque style and others prefer to visit its imposing Cathedral, one of the oldest of Hungary been founded in 1030, located in front of the episcopal castle in Kaptalan Hill. Finally all of us coincide in the modern thermal park, located in the right bank of the Raba river.

We use the tickets given to us by the Hotel. The possibility to enjoy the thermal baths is a concerted service offered by the Hotel Raba to its clients. A very affordable package that includes lodging and entrance to the Spa. The visitor has access to all services of the thermal and recreation area, simultaneously.

The thermal complex with 1.300 square metres of surface has two sections. The section of baths with 5 swimming pools and 2 toboggans. The space of well-being includes pools with jacuzzi, a channel of turbulent waters, cascades, rafting channel, cascades with cave, baths of bubbles...

Impossible to have a dip. We are short of time and only we have some minutes to visit the thermal section. Wide areas with 4 pools of water regulated to 29ºC, 32ºC and 38ºC, It offers hydromassages for neck, back and waist for visitors' relaxation.

The garden of saunas -steam and dry- It pleases due to its original design, booths for massages (aromatherapy, herbarium, swedish, etc) and certainly, the pool equiped with an aquatic bar. Pure water culture. Relax and recreation.

We leave Gyor without enjoying its art and festivities: the Ballet Group and the National Theater, the Philharmonic orchestra... The city is proud of its artistic institutions of great prestige both national as abroad.


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