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Healthy Route through the Western Trans-Danube, the paradise of the Wellness.


In 1966 the Hotel was renovated and modernized once again its 164 rooms, bathrooms with thermal water, its garden with dance and music and places for 3000 guests. The clients were important personalities of international politics, artistic and social.

A special table was permanently reserved in the restaurant for the ambassadors. The guests included remarkable politicians of the moment such as Ahmed Sukarno, Nikita Krushchev, and President Tito as well as famous characters like Burt Lancaster, Arkadi Raikin, Dezso Ernster, Marina Vlady, Margaret Tynes, David Ojsztrah, Anna Moffo, Víctor Vasarely, Gian Carlo of the Mónaco, Andre Gabor, Professor Barnard and many others.

The Grand Hotel maintains today its original form after its reconstruction in 1987 and still conserving its "glamour" with a wise balance between tradition and modernity. Its guests can benefit from the facilities of the Danubius Thermal Hotel Margitsziget, one of the best Spas & Wellness of Europe, to which you can get in by an interior corridor.

Danubius Health Hotels, Spa & Wellness represents a philosophy of well-being in Margaret Island, where we will remain during three days. This will allow us to enjoy the therapeutic and well-being options available in the two buildings since both identical shared medical services. The bathrooms receive the water from the Margaret Island springs.

The Grand Hotel has turned 125 years in 1998 and its last renovation took place 10 years ago. The Hotel Thermal was opened in 1979 being then the most modern establishment of baths in the country and at the present one of the most important health centre of Europe.

The island is an authentic relax and we opt to explore it. A part of the group prefers to move to the city in order to discover the charms of Budapest.

We suggest that they should catch the bus nº 26, It departs from Nyagati station, go through the Margaret Bridge crossing the whole island. It is very pleasant journey. Also they can use the Budapest Card, about 21 Eurus (5.430 Hungarian forints). With this card you can travel in any urban transport and has a validity of 78 hours.

The best to make one´s debut in Budapest is to begin with a bath of art and culture in the Hungarian National Gallery and the Museum of Fine Arts. Then, more relaxingly, to enjoy the thermal pleasures, reserving hour in its Real Spas.

Therefore, we recommend a visit to the grandiose Parliament, the emblematic building of the city and one of those that more proudly are shown in front of the Danube, in the bank of Pest. Since Hungary become member of the UE, community citizens don't have to pay ticket. There is also free entrance when acceding to all the state museums.

It is the biggest building in the world that functioning as Parliament. Impressive on the outside -268 meters long, its surface is 17.000 square metres and is amazingly beautiful inside: 700 rooms with fresh, stained-glass windows, sculptures, oak, walnut and mahogany roofts.

While, we are preparing an ecological-cultural adventure through the island of the thermal springs. We have several options to travel round the park of 100 hectares: to walk, to mount in bicycle or to use an original vehicle drive by pedals and called "bringóhintó." We opt for this last and shared out in groups of four, we roam the whole Margaret Island.

We cross an avenue of chestnut trees thousands of years old, we discover a park with more than 10.000 trees, San Miguel's church and centennial ruins (the convent where the king Bela IV's daughter lived and the remains of two churches) an outdoors Theatre, we admire the Tower of Water, declared monument by the UNESCO, a garden of roses, the Japanese park, the musical source, the Palatinus pool, waterfalls and an small zoo.

We find families enjoying games and sports outdoors, tourists renting bicycles, other thumbing island maps, couples of newlyweds posing in the cascades, bohemians in the sun and groups of "joggings" from Budapest planning their routes through the paths that skirt the whole island.

We have a good time with a group of Japaneses that also were pedaling in the nice car. After an improvised race of "bringóhintó", we all finish changing impressions with the young students regarding the enviroment and the aquifers of mineral water. Japan is a country with numerous springs where the use of the Thermal Baths is a cultural rite.

The cosmopolitan atmosphere of the island reminds us the time of the ancestors' splendour who transformed this place into a charming island. But today like yesterday, Margaret Island is a relaxing place that attracts people of every age that move to breathe nature and to contemplate the beautiful views of the Danube.



We are lodged in the northern part of the island, a privileged environment where we enjoy the panoramic view of a fascinating Danube, in the early hours of the morning. The whole group meet in the breakfast-buffet, in the gardens of the Hotel.

In the second day of stay, we allow ourselves to be seduced by the relaxing and refreshing thermal proposals of the Danubius Thermal Hotel Margitsziget.

In the Spa reception we are supplyed with the appropriate set of towel and bathrobe to access to the room of pools and baths of thermal water. Besides this we are informed that we have an appointment for relaxing massage. So we organize ourselves for a thermal circuit.

We begin with a shower, followed by an steam bath to open well the skin pores so that the effects of the waters are intense. We combine the hot baths on 38ºC with others waters of 25 to 26ºC, obtaining refreshing effects. After a good while in the warm waters, we are already in good disposition for the massage.

A part of the group remains conversing in the thermal pool of 36ºC while the sunbeams are filtered by the stained glass of the roof that together with the temperature of the water, contributes to the relaxation.

Both Hotels offer "therapeutic "and "well-being " stays.

The therapies are treatments with thermal water effective for degenerative chronic problems of the locomotive apparatus, bony problems and articulations. Balneothetapy and rehabilitation after accidents and operations, etc. The medical team of specialists and phisiotherapists design these stays of a minimum of 14 days and 21 days maximum.

What is known as stays of well-being are relaxing experiences and getting fit by means of programs of treatments and fitness services - wellness, aptitude sessions -well being- as spa with aromatherapy, rejuvenantion and balanced diet.

The Hotel also offers special advantages, such as a qualified staff of doctors and specialists in different areas: neurology, sport surgery, cardiology, diagnosis by ultrasound, etc. Besides having a modern service of dental surgery and estomatology and laser in ophthalmology.

The area of pools recently designed in the indoor to 27ºC and 30ºC in the outdoor are an excellent complement to maintenance and getting fit. We got a day of authentic relax.

The first stage of the Healthy Route through the Western Trans-Danube will conclude tomorrow, we will dedicate this day to visit Budapest and its thermal power as city of.


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