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Karlovy Vary

650 YEARS OF THE Thermal Baths OF KALOVY VARY (1358-2008)

One of the oldest SPA Resorts in Europe and birthplace of the Central European “glamour”.


Karlovy Vary, the better known Spa city in the Czech Republic, celebrates 650 years of health, history and culture throughout the year 2008
This is a unique opportunity to meet one of the oldest spa centers of Europe, pioneered the application of curative treatments through thermal waters of high mineral content, and home to the Central European glamor during the nineteenth and twentieth centuries.

Logo de R. ChecaFFounded by Emperor Charles IV in 1350, around the hot spring Carlsbad or "Thermal Baths of Carlos", today the resort has a total of 80 sources from which at least 15 are freely available, and they sprout every day 6 million liters of water, at a temperature between 30ºC and 73ºC

In 2008 Is also the birthday of her neighbor Marianske Lazne that commemorates the 200th anniversary of the first resort that led to the founding of the city.

The West Bohemia region is the center of balneotherapy in this country. The healing power of its mineral springs was known in medieval times. Balneotherapy Modern services are not limited only to patients who suffer from various diseases. At present there are many visitors who come to rest and relax in their luxurious hotels and elegant spa therapy centers.

To celebrate their anniversary, they have scheduled a series of cultural events and will be on March 15 when starting the celebrations for the 650 healthy years of the spa city most famous of Bohemian.

niños y fuente termalTHERMAL GLAMOUR

Local authorities aware of health vapors have benefited many of their illustrious visitors, have organized an exhibition under the title "Visitors famous Karlovy Vary". This is to remind the statesmen, thinkers, artists and composers that became the center of European social life between the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. Beethoven, Paganini, Chopin, Mozart, Nikolai Gogol, Goethe, Marx and Freud, are some of the personalities who came in search of peaceful and "glamorous" atmosphere of the city.

From May to June the festive program revolves around the castle guards, parades and concert by the Band of the Guards, parades and Carnival by 650 years.

Precisely, the 650th birthday of the young Karlovy Vary can be a reason to come to this iconic spa city and in turn golf resort destination, perfect for a holiday of leisure and relaxation. The Karlovy Vary Golf Club is the oldest course in the country and probably one of the most beautiful and the Marianske Lazne, which was held in 1935 the first championship golfing amateur and now belongs to the European PGA Tour.

The Czech Republic is a country with a long tradition of spa culture. There are 33 spa towns (with 84 resorts with medical services and a total capacity of 25,260 beds). Karlovy Vary, Frantiskovy Lazne, Marianske Lazne, Jaachymov, Teplice and Luhacovice, are the six destinations with resorts with more than a thousand beds.

As additional data indicate that in 2004, medical spas received 308.760 people of which 38% were foreigners, mainly Germans, Russians and Arabs, and 62% Czech customers. In the spa of Karlovy Vary, 80% are foreigners, being a spa stay about 25 days or so in the spa resorts.

Healing and medicinal properties of the waters of Karlovy Vary led to one of the largest spa resorts in the world, consisting of the spa towns of Karlovy Vary, Marianske Lazne and Frantiskovy Lazne. This area is characterized by a high class infrastructure with numerous hotels of 5 and 4 star restaurants and services for high tourism. Alongside these traditional centers, have created many thermal centers, both spas and Wellness centers. All offering high-quality mineral waters and curative treatments, as well as program for relax and fitness.
The celebrations of the 650th anniversary of the spas of Karlovy Vary, will close on September 14.

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