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The thermal power of Budapest. Route for their Real Spas


Journalist specialized in Medicine and Thermalism
Publisher of the electronic Magazine

The Danube River flow slowly when entering in the Hungary heart and it passes majestic by their real spas: Gellért, Széchenyi, Király, Rude... Budapest presents all its thermal power and intoduces herself as the thermal capital of the new Europe. Conquered by the Romans and Turks and chosen by the european nobility, to get lost in the zones of Buda and Pest, it is to live an adventure with the history.

Our Route es una invitation to delight the spirit and the body in emotions and thermal pleassures. A fascinating trip through one of the most beatiful cities of the world, recognized by the UNESCO as Patrimony of the Humanity.

Relaxing hollidays that will revitalize ours wishes to return to this friendly country that is celebrating with bubbling cultural acts, the 2003, denominated Year of the Health.



Hungary is a country privileged with regard to thermal waters. Its patrimony in sources and medicinal springs of mineral waters is considered as one of the most important of Europe. Paints in fresco, mosaics and remains of houses of Baths are the testimony of the water culture for more than 2000 years of history.

Although Hungary doesn't have exit to the sea, the water is source of health for its citizens and one of its main tourist attractiveness. It has big lakes, such as the Balatón- the bigger one in the central and western Europe -, the Velence, the Tisza and the Fertó; mighty rivers like the Danube and the Tisza and dozens of other rivers that cross the country in all directions.

The thermal water is a wealth of incalculable value, since to a large extent part of the Hungarian territory, and especially, its capital Budapest, keeps in the underground an authentic reservation of thermal waters.

Toward Hungary many Healthy Routes arrive. The conference of Tourism in Budapest, where the year 2003 has been denominated, Year of the Health, it is the perfect escape. An attractiveness appointment with the water culture for any lover of the thermalism. An unique experience that we share with other friends from Poland, Russia, Italy, Belgium, Rumania, United Kingdom and Germany.

In a scheduled flight of the hungarian air company MALEV, we leave Barajas heading for the capital of the Thermal Baths: Budapest.

Hungary will enter as member of the EU in May of 2004, and as community citizens, we don't need Visa, only the passport or the of identity document for boarding. We hardly carry baggage. Only a desire: to revitalize us in a bath of history, old and modern, in this country that is geting ready to be the thermal capital of the new Europe.

A kind of a general rehearsal that we will have the occasion to experience personally during two days and that begins on board, with a pleasant treatment and the multiple courtesies by the staff of the Hungarian airline.

From the air, the Danube draws the silhouette of a country conquered by the healthy waters that are the pride of an entire people. With the glance we follow the course of this majestic river that also reminds us that Hungary, is the country of the music where still alive the cult of Franz Liszt, one of its more illustrious children.

We don't forget his friend Ferenc Erkel, author of the Opera of Budapest and author of the music of the Hungarian national hymn and composer Béla Bartók who, together with Zoltán Kodály, recovered the folk music and had brought a modern concept to their works, performed all over the world.

So, among thoughts and recreating the imagination, we arrive at the end of the flight. In little more than three hours we land in the airport Ferihegy of Budapest, where an exceptional host receives us: Mr. Jószef Németh, Director of the National Office of Tourism of Hungary, in Spain.


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