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The thermal power of Budapest. Route for their Real Spas


Our host remembers us that in Margaret Island, the directive of the Grupo Danubius are waiting to take us to a journey through their facilities in the hotels ?spa, located in the Island.

The thermal lúdic day appears specially attractive in this idyllic place. The vehicles are not allowed to access. A necessary measure so that Margaret Island completes its objective: to be a place to enjoy outdoors, to walk or to mount in bicycle or in a strange vehicle called "bringóhintó", driven by pedals while one breathes nature in a great grove of more than 10.000 trees and the beautiful views of the Danube may be contemplated.

They comment us that this tranquility is only altered during the first days of the month of August, due to the "Pepsi Sziget Festival", a musical and festival event that gathers hundred of thousands of young from all Europe in this emblemátic island. The rest of the year, this is a place of authentic relax.

We visit the summer spas and hotels-spa of thermal water. The Great Hotel Danubius that celebrates the 125 years in 1998 and their last renovation 10 years ago, and the Thermal Hotel, also of the same Group, inaugurated in 1979, being then the most modern establishment of baths in the country.

The spas are feed with water from Margaret Island springs.

They have all the therapeutic options of the hotels spa. Booths for treatments of beauty and anti -aging and they offer special advantages: the own doctors are advised by specialists (neurosurgery, sport surgery, cardiology, diagnostic by ultrasound etc). The Thermal Hotel has a modern service of dental surgery and estomatology

We have lunch in the terrace of the Thermal Hotel. The views over the river are so full of suggestion that our Italian friend asks for the possibility of a night tour in ship as farewell.

Our host accepts the commitment and the appointment is in the pier next to the Princess. A modest sculpture that adorns the walk in the part of Pest of the Bridge of the Freedom.

Trip across the Danubio River


Still pending the last purchases, the most traditionals. We still have time to come closer to the Central Market in the tram number 2 that also leaves us in front of the great and emblemátic building, constructed in 1894-96. We are in the vicinities of the Bridge of the Freedom.

This Central Market, is an authentic bustle with the entrances and leavings of tourists that glance at or look for that typical memory in the 180 fowling stalls, crafts, bakeries and articles of daily use.

I am accompanied by the Director of the National Office of Tourism of Hungary us in Spain. Under their good judgement, I decide to buy the appreciated foie, paprika (sweet paprika for condiment that infused value to the Hungarian warriors of the Half Age that conquered Central Europe according to the legend) and several bottles of Tokaj.

In the upper floor we visit the shops of popular hand-craft and we sit down in one of the restaurants of self-service to take a popular Ászok. In Hungary are elaborated excellent beers but it is not advisable to toast with it. Apparently, this was the form with which the Austrian celebrated the victory on the Hungarians in 1848.

It gets our attention that we hardly hear any noise in spite of the large number of people that there is inside this immense building. The Hungarian people is educated and kind, very hospitable. They likes to entertain the visitor. I comment it to our host. Our friends from Italy, Poland and Rumania agree. We leave with very good impression of this country that in few months, will become member of the EU.

Budapest at dusk, show all its charm. The beauty of the buildings reflected in the Danube give to the visitors an spectacle difficult to describe and impossible to forget. At night, when the silhouettes disappear, the bridges and monuments acquire a magic aspect . All the splendor of ancient times, when the city was the center of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, it seems resurge again.

We are on board a tourist ship and ready to begin that trip in the time. A return to the romantic XIX century sailing on the Danube, while Buda and Pest are decked out of light and color for the tourist, as we look toward to each banks.

The cruise begins along the Danube, the dinner "bouffet "by the light of the candles and with zíngarian music create some nostalgic feeling. The group of Central European colleagues was pleased by this unforgettable experience of coexistence and friendship, without language limits. There are not sad farewells. The end of the trip will be the principle of another new healthy route.


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