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The thermal power of Budapest. Route for their Real Spas


At the end of the Margaret Bridge, in the Buda side, we sight a modern building of several flooors. It is Hotel Aquincum Corinthia, inaugurated in 1991 and of the same category that the Great Hotel Royal. Its location strategically studied, beside the Danube and receiving the supply of water from Isla Margaret medicinal springs. 

As a remark, to indicate that the hotels that have the spa services, are the "therapeutic hotels." In the case of the Corinthia Aquincum, these diagnosis services and treatment, are also opened to the non residents.

Király Baths


Continuing on straight line and in front of the Margaret Bridge, is the turkish bath of Lukács. The present spa was built in 1894, and until the spa Széchenyi was ended, this was the biggest and more frequented in Budapest. Close to the sections of therapeutic baths it is also very popular its pool, place of meeting for writers and artists. 

It is impressive the monumentality of its pools. Of the total of 8, we have counted, 4 therapeutic, (24º-40º), 1 pool of bath of weight (35º), 2 of swimming pool for men, (22º) and equal numbers for women (26º) and 1 dedicated to maintenance (32º-33º). In the round for the facilities and the different services highlights the physiotherapy section (hospital during day time) for men and women.

In the surroundings of the Lukács Spa, in the XII century, the Knights of San Juan settled in that place and were devoted the care of sicks, and later the Noble Orders of Rodas and of Malt that also built spas next to their monastery. In 1894 the therapeutic hotel was built, the modern section of hydrotherapy was founded and the pool was reinstalled.

Those that wanted to be treated arrived from all the parts of the world, and after having been recovered, they placed marble plates in the walls of the garden of the spa and still conserved today. We have been reading some of them and it is really incredible. An alive testimony of gratitude and blessing to the sacred waters.

It is pleasant to go for a walk across the therapeutic park of 1800 square meters with centennial trees, combining relax and nature. As we could appreciate, this part of the spa is the most visited one.

The relaxation pool outdoors has areas of underwater bubbles baths, massage of water jet with pressure for the neck, the water jet hidden in the banks to massage the back, whirpool, bed of bubbles and other aquatic attractions.

Here we find as well very much ambient. So much, that lively and without thinking it twice, the friends from Poland and Belgium throw temselves into the pool. Without any doubt, the culture of the water is an universal language as the music is. Lukács like all the spas of Budapest are open the whole year, from the 6:00 a.m. until 19:00 p.m.

Next to Lukács Spa is the very peculiar building of Király Spa of the purest Ottoman style. The turkish occupation opened the beginning of the second age of the baths culture in Hungary, and therefore, the construction of the baths is characterized by the vaulted rooms and rooms with closed pools and of practical and comfortable design.

Király Baths was built by order of the turkish pachá in 1565 to get a protected spa and close to the walls of the city in the event of war. Its present design dates from the year 1796. To enter in this emblemátic turkish spa more tham 400 years old, it is for me an entire privilege. Luckily today is open for women. The colleagues of United Kingdom and Belgium has restricted access and besides they cannot also use its public services.

It is an elegant spa and one of the few relics of the turkish time that nowadays, in monument form, it presents us the otoman bath culture, in their original pomp. Their feeding of therapeutic waters come by pipes from the Lukács Baths.

Király Baths in Budapest


The vaults and lights are parts of the especial attractiveness of the turkish baths.

Kiraly Spa has 4 therapeutic pools with a temperature that range from 26º to 40º maximum. Has complete balneotherapy services, hydrotherapy and mecanoterapy and as interisting installation, it has a family bathtub with sauna finlandesa. 

The women of the group, all togheter request a session of an underwater massage with presured currents of water. It is one of the thermal pleasures of the Route. Before abandoning the baths, we go across the facilities of one of the novel special services: a modern fitness room. The spa is opened in alternating days for men and women.


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