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The thermal power of Budapest. Route for their Real Spas


We use the card Budapest, valid for 2 days (3.400 forintos) that allows to travel with discount in the public transportations, to take the tram number 4 that will take us up to the Margaret Bridge. We get off just in the central part where the road forms a corner." We look toward the left. 

From this perspective, we admire the majesty of the Danube and the Parliament, emblemátic building in the bank of Pest; little far away , the Bridge of the Chains and further on, almost getting lost in the horizon, the Hill of Buda, drawing the profile of the Castle, Real Palace, Church of Matías and the Citadel. 

So much beauty overwhelmed us. Budapest is the entrance door to Hungary, one of the most beautiful capitals in the world and the city of Real Springs where we find most of the medicinal sources of Hungary. 

These natural springs with water temperatures ranging from 21 to 76 º C and the perforated wells?approximately 118 - of Budapest, giving 30.000 cubic meters of thermal water every 24 hours. The thermal water has the classification of mineral water with healing effects in the whole environment of the city. 

We ask to our host, who takes the responsibility of the care of the springs of hot water, medicinal springs and wells of the capital, as well as of the handling and distribution of the supply of water and service to the different pools and houses of baths. 

With that Hungarian courtesy that characterizes him, Mr. Nemeth explains to the group that the founder and only proprietor, the Municipality of the city of Budapest, (Budapest Spas Co.Ltd.) is responsible for 16 public baths, swimming pools, lidos and 10 medical baths in the capital and they have traditional therapeutic services that they offer to the users and visitors. The specialist doctors of the company also given advice as spa doctors. 

According to the last legal regulation, the specialists are qualified to prescribe different hydrotherapies and the clients can appeal them to obtain rehabilitation, free, in the public health.

He also comments the three periods of the culture of the baths, locating the first one in the territory of Pannónia, where were found remains pertaining to several tribal colonies and of the camp of Aquincum, established as a result of the expansion of the Roman Empire and the first establishment of baths in the camp of the Second Roman Legion, respectively. 

The imagination takes us to Aquincum, old headquarters of the Roman county located in the outskirts of Budapest. At the present time, is possible to visit this place and to go across of the Museum and Garden of the Roman Ruins. We almost are able to reconstruct the baths, the amphitheater and nearly filling the city with soldiers. 

Evidently, and thanks to the developed Roman civilization, to the canalization system and sewer system, the baths were built with a large surface of water, roomy and with luminous rooms. 

If we turn the view toward the right, the impressive landscape of Isla Margaret appears amid the Danube, located among the Margaret Bridge and the Áspád Bridge. It is the most beautiful park in Budapest. Almost 100 hectares, more than two kilometers and half of longitude and 500 width meters, and without circulation of vehicles our host intervenes again, to confirm that there is a possibility to move tomorrow to the Island. This is an irresistible invitation.


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