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The thermal power of Budapest. Route for their Real Spas


The Route through the Real Spas is an exceptional experience for the specialists of the Thermalism. Budapest, also known as " Paris of the East", it is the only city of the world with more than 130 springs of medicinal-mineral water with healing effects. These springs of hot thermal waters are in fact one of the attractiveness of the Hungarian capital, highlighting its thermal architecture influence of the Roman culture and of the purest Ottoman style, with copper domes, beautiful mosaics and the characteristic top of half moon in the highgest point. 

In the early hours of the day, we begin the preparations to know the city. We depart from the boulevard Erzsébet, where is the Great Hotel Royal, direcction Andrássy út. Before entering in the heart of Pest, we are informeded that the committee of the Patrimony of the Humanity of the UNESCO has added other two places, the banks of the Danube and Andrássy út to the eight already included in the list, (Hollókó, Budapest, Pannonhalma, Hortobágy. Pécs, Tokaj, Aggtelek, lake Fertó). 

Therefore Andrássy út and its historical sorrounding are now considered Patrimony of the Humanity The neighborhood of Andrássy and its surroundings, forms a homogeneous architectural group whose style is the end of the XIX century. It is the first elegant avenue of the city, also known as the avenue of the embassies. It begins like a wide street of tall buildings, becoming gradually a skirted boulevard by estates and gardens. 

The avenue was named after the name of the first minister of the epoch that made big efforts in transforming Budapest into a great metropolis. Of meticulous layout - almost two kilometers and half long - it was built following the pattern of the French boulevards. One of the particularities of Andrássy út is the handrails of wrought iron of the stairways that lead to the first underground train of the European continent. 

I feel an incredible curiosity to know the underground railway, the third of the world after Chicago and London. It is working for 125 years. Impressive. The tube stations maintain the atmosphere of the end of the XIX century. It contrasts with the modernity in the underground steps of the old Pest. This country, powerful and creative, is interested to advance in the line of the progress altough preserving its past and the monumental architecture. 

The avenue Andrássy út finishes in the Heroes Square(Hosök tere), the biggest of the city. Here is the gigantic Monument to the Millennial, big statues around the central column crowned by the archangel Gabriel that represents the chieftains of the seven magiar tribes leaded and organized by their leader Árpád from the Cárpatos to Hungary, in the year 896. I still impressed. Everything is big, immense, lyke the history of the Magiar State.


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