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The thermal power of Budapest. Route for their Real Spas


The area of Budapest is 525 square kilometers and the Danube - the biggest river in Europe after the Volga - crosses the city from north to south, separating the plain from the hills: Pest and Buda. Two thirds of the city occupy the left bank of the river, the most modern area: Pest and the remaining third pertaining to the old and elegant Buda, in the right bank. However the prodigious river that impregnates with poetic personality the Hungarian capital, rather than to separate, what it makes really is to unite the two old cities forming only one.

Budapest with more than two million inhabitants, divided administratively in 23 districts, and with great attractiveness for the investors, it is the heart of the history, the art, the initiatives and the creativity of Hungary. We will have occasion of discover it and to enjoy it very much


Budapest city


The airport is relatively far away from the city, about 15 kms, but we arrive easily to the center of Budapest. We go to Erzsébert Krt, 43-48 in the part of Pest, where is the Corinthia Gran Hotel Royal, headquarters of the Conference of Tourism and where we will lodge while in the capital.

This Hotel, inaugurated in the year 1896, belongs to the Corinthia Group which has strong hotel investments in the center of Europe.

Because of the celebration of this great event, and due to the meaning that it has to the country, the hotel has been completely remodeled with the luxury that deserves its category of five stars.

The hall and the perron with chandeliers and brass sculptures, are impressive. There is a great movement with the preparations for the inaugural act, to which the attendance of the goverment authorities is expected. 

Waiting for the official presentations and ready to attend any petition of information, the Director of the National Office of Tourism of Hungary, in Spain, comments to us that, also coincidental with the declaration of the Year of the Health, Budapest through Tourism of Hungary Office, from January of 2003 has becomes member as partner of the Royal Spas of Europe, organization that contains the main European cities chosen by the nobility for the rest in their real spas. 

While we converse with friends from Germany and France, others continue arriving to the Great Hotel Royal, colleages from countries like Italy, Belgium, Rumania and Poland. And the anecdote arises. The representative from Russia doesn't speak English.

From the organization of the Conference of Tourism a great effort was made to solve what was already evident. Colleagues united by the same profession and liking everything relative to thermalism but without a common language. The Russian do not speak English and we didn't know Russian... I scarcely speak english but I understund Italian and the Rumanian understood the spanish but she didn't speak it while I didn't know the Rumanian but I expressed myself in spanish.

Somebody said: 

Who does need the language to share experiences and relaxing emotions in the country of the magic waters and thermal pleasures?. 

The proclamation of the 2003, as Year of the Health, ratifies the government's impulse to recover and to rehabilitate its thermal patrimony. Hungary has almost 1.300 springs, near 35 towns with official certificate of interest medicinal and thermal SPA, 5 medicinal caves, 13 places of medicinal therapy, 48 springs of mineral water with official certificate, 136 sources of medicinal mineral water, 4 places of medicinal MUDS, a skunk village and the biggest lake of hot and therapeutics water of Europe: Héviz. 

All these actions will be supplemented with tourist promotions and cultural and sports activities. It will be the 2003, a Year for bubbling vacations with lúdico-thermal charm in a friendly country, hospitable and always open to new cultures and european tendencies.


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