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Healthy leisure getaways

It's time to discover the river cruises in Gascony, the magic of the Sea of Galilee with excursions along the banks and boating on Lake Tiberias and visit the coast of Carthage and smal twons with a Mediterranean flavor overlooking the sea. Give yourself an original holiday.


circuito fluvial en GersRIVER TOURISM IN GASCONY
Nothing better than traveling to the country of D'Artagnan to discover the other side of Gascony: blue and green; river tourism. Water pleasures are multiple, like boats. Schedule a river circuit is an unforgettable experience. For a few hours or an entire day following the river, you can tour the region by barge, boat, river boat, boat without license (not habitable craft). In groups is very rewarding tourist mode.

Lecture-thermesBoating holidays. The Baïse River: Wild river is navigable from Saint Léger (Lot -et- Garonne) to Valence-sur-Baïse (in the Gers), that is, at a distance of 65 kms. with 22 locks (some manuals, other with magnetic card). According to your preferences you can choose between different formulas: renting a house-boat for a free family getaway, or navigation in your own boat, or even a day in group on a boat ride.
Along the Baïse when entering the province of Gers you can see and visit: In Condom: the river port from where left the barges loaded with barrels of Armagnac bound for Bordeaux and after having sailed along the coast of Flaran Abbey, arrived the port of Valence-sur-Baïse, "bastide" of s. XIII, where the trip ends.

Water Triangle. If we want a little relaxation and pampering for body and spirit, we will find it in three spas and fitness centers. Barbotan -Les -Thermes, one of the oldest in France. The "Chaine thermal du Soleil" offers stays fitness of 6-12 days with 4 types of daily care. Lectoure, thermal center located in an stately eighteenth century farmhouse, offers  stays with different possibility. Castera-Verduzan, its waters have a healing property of mouth and digestive disorders. It offers stays with formulas fitness and a residence with all amenities. More information:

The Golf. The landscapes of hills and valleys of the Gers bathed in light and sun  They were perfect for installations of several golf courses scattered throughout the region.

Three 18 hole courses: Golf de Auch- Embats; Golf Guinlet; Golf Pallane Four 9-hole courses: Golf de Fleurance; Golf Las Martines; Golf du Château de Barbet. Enjoy a unique experience in an exclusive atmosphere and the possibility of staying in a castle of XVIII century or Gascony stately mansions or other of Toulouse style.

Vista panoramica de TiberiadesIt's time to take the chance of a few days holiday in LakeTiberias, with a great range of accommodation, excursions, boating on the lake at sunset, SPA treatments, hot springs and golf. If you are looking to combine relaxation and culture, the mythical Lake Tiberias and its therapeutic waters is itself an ideal destination. Besides enjoying the sun you can immerse yourself in history. He also called the Sea of Galilee, and crossing the Jordan River, twelve km. wide and twenty km. long. This place of biblical references where Jesus walked on the water and worked the miracle of the fish, is worth visiting not only for the city that gives its name to Lake Tiberias, but also around its shores.

Some suggestions for guided tours on Lake Tiberias
Visit the "Hamat Tiberias" National Park. A fascinating place that reveals the ruins of an ancient synagogue and a spectacular mosaic floor shows the zodiac and the ancient spring of Roman times. The guided tour Friday and Saturday from 10:00 -13: 00. It is not offered during the week. The Museum Dona Grazia. The museum provides a unique journey inspired by the fascinating events of the sixteenth century narrating the story of Dona Grazia (Hanna Nasi).

From Tiberias to Kinneret. From the ancient settlement to the new. A guided (in private car or bus) the tour begins at the Archaeological park through "three houses" and "Dona Grazia," ascending to the Swiss forest where there is a rest to make an herbal tea and soft drinks. Bitaniga, a guided tour of the Kinneret and back to Tiberias. Duration 4 hours from 10: 00 to 14: 00.

The wonders of ancient Tiberias. A walking tour along the of southern ramparts, the Leaning Tower, the court of the Jews and elsewhere. Only on Thursdays at 20:00 h. Duration 2 hours. The aromas and flavors of Tiberias. Excursion walk every Friday from 10:00 -13: 15. Aromas and flavors are woven into the fascinating history of the city. A pre-inscription is required in the Tourist Information Office.

Miracles around the Sea of Galilee. The trip includes a guided visit to Mt. Beatitudes, Tabgha, Capernaum, the place of baptism of the Jordan River, the burial place of miracle worker Rabbi Meir and back to Tiberias. On Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays from 9: 30-13: 00h. Pre-registration is required at the Tourist Information Office.

The city built by Herod on the ruins of a Jewish cemetery in honor of the emperor Tiberius, little remains. Today, Tiberias is a modern leisure center around the Sea of Galilee and water activities in which also can be explored examples of its rich past. Do not miss the Grand Mosque. Learn more:

In the place where ancient Carthage rose, there is now a region brimming variety and  charm. Located near Tunis, along an exotic turquoise sea, a quaint villages, -The Marsa, Sidi Bou Saïd, Carthage forming the elegant outskirts of the capital; a capital that takes great care of leisure and culture, and is par excellence the capital of the Tunisian  art of living.

A walk through history. Carthage, three thousand years, is part of world heritage. The cultural and economic influence over the ancient world was perpetuated through the centuries to bequeath to modern Tunisia best values ​​such as tolerance, openness and exchange. You'll see a Punic, Roman Carthage and yet very Tunisian. The Archaeological Park of Carthage-Sidi Bou Saïd extends from the hill to the sea, from the Punic remains to Termas de Antonio, from Roman villas to the amphitheater and the Archaeological Museum, offering its visitors a green and attractive journey through history.

Ten minutes from the Coast of Carthage, is the capital of Tunisia and has an undeniably Mediterranean charm. The Medina, very spacious and well preserved, is worth a long visit to the souks full of life, its streets with beautiful studded doors, the Great Mosque of s IX century and numerous monuments and palaces of the era of the Beys. Do not miss the great museum of Bardo and its fabulous collection of Roman mosaics. The city is protected as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

Thermas AntoninoThe Antonine Baths. It is must see. His remains, by the sea, are among the most important of the Roman Empire. The Imperial Baths were the Spa where Roman-African cultivated together a taste for physical wellbeing, sports for its benefits and cultural exchanges. The granite column of 15 meters high, topped by a white capital has been raised again in recent years. It took eight like that to withstand the immense vault 47m.x 22m. the frigidarium (cold baths), etc. Sidi Bou Saïd. It is a small paradise painted with the colors of the Mediterranean. First location protected in the world, is perched on the cliff overlooking Carthage and the Gulf of Tunis.

The magnificent beauty of the landscape is mixed with the quiet harmony of blue and white buildings and the typical smell of jasmine perfume. Along the cobbled streets, the houses hidden behind refined interiors blue and white lattices, their shaped bars as leafy scrolls and hibiscus and bougainvillea bushes. The Mosque of Sidi Bou Saïd saint raises its white minaret behind the Mats coffee. Take a break and enters you will be fascinated by its refined decor and atmosphere, it is the most famous Tunisian Moorish café. At the top of the village you will see the Lighthouse of Sidi Bou Saïd. The palaces, such as "Ennejma Ezzahra" are centers to enjoy different Arab and Mediterranean music.

Hotel The Residence. Piscina A luxurious stay. From the port of La Goulette and over 25 kilometers of coastline, you will enjoy the health benefits of sea in the magnificent beaches of Gommarth formed by dunes and hills, where is concentrated a variety of hotels, holiday villages and palaces; fishing and pleasure ports like Sidi Bou Saïd and nautical complex Gammarth. In any season there is possibility of playing golf and horse riding. We emphasize the Carthage Golf (18 holes), a golf course a stimulating and full of charm, located in the shade of tangerine trees and ancient eucalyptus.
Just fifteen minutes from Tunis, the Carthage Coast offers luxury hotels of the largest international chains. In them you will find Balneotherapy and Thalassotherapy- latter exclusively used seawater and governed by its regulations. Pamper yourself with showers, baths, massages and seaweed wraps are the best fitness for total relaxation.

Gastronomy and Festivals. You'll find elegant restaurants offering cuisine enriched with the flavors of the sea and whose roots arise from the ancestral culinary heritage. We recommend the famous "whole fish" star dish served in a dozen restaurants of La Goulette, accompanied by a "Muscat" or a "Sidi Rais" and, of course, taste excellent mint tea in one of the many cafes and restaurants overlooking the Gulf of Tunis.

You can visit art galleries, craft workshops and culture clubs and attend the festivals. The Roman Theatre of Carthage, which is a very nice frame and hosts every year in July and August, an International Festival of music, song, dance. Do not miss it!

Interior Cafe de las Esteras-Sidi Bou Saïd

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