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The Route Across the Maestrazgo. From the mountains to the sea


For an uneven landscape formed in their majority by calcareous rocks on those that settle vegetable communities, as oaks and holm oak in the low areas, and the typical " eriços " in places fewer protected, we arrive to the real village of Villafranca (Villafranca of the Cid). It is in Els Ports's district", in the western limit of the county of Castellón, to 85 Km of the capital.

The town is in a high highland at 1, 125 m on the level of the sea, it possesses a municipal term of 94 square meters and a population of 2.740 inhabitants. During the summery time and the weekends it increases considerably. Their attractiveness is as big as its origins that they get lost in the prehistory like they attest it paintings rupestres and populated so much of brass as Iberian. The Romans and Arabs also left their impronta. 

It is necessary to get lost for their tortuous streets and in marked slope. It is necessary to ascend and to lower hills to discover the most picturesque corners, as the house Consistorial (of the XV century) and the parochial church dedicated to the Saviour (s.XVI) But it is also necessary to make a high one in the typical taverns of the biggest street for desgustar their gastronomy, exquisite well elaborated plates leaving of their matters natural and autochthonous cousins. 

The whole senderistas team meets around a good table before leaving to the last stage of the route, Plow of Teacher that will bring near us definitively to the sea. The menu was chosen by one of the guides: soup of egg mincemeat and ham, potatoes to the oven, ternasco with snails and pumpkin pastries. Making honor, evidently to what you/they reflect the tourist pamphlets, to eat and to drink, in Villafranca of the Cid. 

The highway that allows to consent to you Plow of the Master he/she offers the population's better panoramic, located between the Mola d´Ares and the castle of Arab origin. To 1.312 m of altitude the landscape that restrains from the walls cannot be more beautiful. The cultivation terraces, characteristic of the regions of the interior of the Mediterranean, speak to each other of the wealth of the agriculture. But Plow he/she has other enormous attractiveness: their old helmet of medieval court, located in amphitheater form with the replete streets of large houses, portals and canvases of walls. 

Going for a walk peacefully discovers the Asunción's parochial church (of the XVIII century), of Baroque architecture, and the wonderful city council with arches porticados that he/she receives the name of The " perxe " AND a curiosity to score: each street and each corner of this town are signal with small rótulos that speak to each other of their past, a good sample of the cultural wealth that you/they contain the towns of this district. 

The CV -10 that belongs together with the old layout of the Roman roadway Via August take again and we enter in the Bajo Maestrazgo. The breeze of the Mediterranean pushes us until crawling toward the sea. We have passed in few kilometers of a rural orography as that of the interior to contemplate progressively and without frights the beauty of clean beaches of the coast, as we go coming closer to the coast. Hundred twenty kilometers of soft sand to relax my aching feet with that pleasant caress that produces the water of the sea in the skin. 

I say goodbye to my mountain guides. Now he/she waits for me a bathroom of beauty and health in some marine thermal Baths in the Mediterranean. A relajante rewards in this unique adventure for a route with history.


  1. The one camped free it is not allowed, you can only camp in the campings, or areas of had camped created to such an effect.
  2. Any fire, a not well out cigarette even becomes an exploxive. Think it!
  3. Never pour in the rivers, sources or beds of water, soaps, polluting products or residuals.
  4. He/she enjoys the shade of the trees and of the landscape; but don't break branches unsuccessfully.
  5. When you finish a country meal, or any activity in the mount, it picks up the remains. Don't leave print.
  6. The mount is the house common of all in freedom. Take care of it as if it was your garden.
  7. To commit in the defense of the natural means with the example, it is a beautiful task.
  8. He/she administers your step well for the nature. He/she thinks that tomorrow others will be able to enjoy it.
  9. The fire of the forest, razes the life. Who avoids it he/she doesn't regret it.
  10. Si move with a motor vehicle for hints or roads, don't break up with excessive noise the peace of the field neither cause to the nature.


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