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The Route Across the Maestrazgo. From the mountains to the sea


My route partners and experts mountain guides insist in that he/she discovers the forest of mushrooms like one knows Penyagolosa

From the pick one can admire the practical entirety of the county of Castellón and it leaves of that of Teruel. As they explain, to arrive until the skirt of the solid one is only already a happiness for the traveler's view

We find a good idea. The day is sunny and it is even hot for what we consent to a that ecological bathroom in this time of autumn that is also, of mushrooms. To arrive until the skirt of the pick of Penyagolosa they leave two different itineraries from the area of having camped. One is only realizable walking for a path while the other one can be mixed that is to say, in an all-terrain vehicle or on foot through a forest hint in good state. 

As all we are fairly in shape, it is worthwhile to travel the itinerary for the path. For we leave it the main hint without asphalting that we had abandoned to camp. We travel about three hundred meters and in the first one of the marked curves to the left that the ascent already begins, we leave the hint and we continue on-line straight line at the beginning for a marked path where find a source and a small stream. 

We continue for the bed of the stream up. The path enough stepped is and it is continued with easiness. In this journey we are surprised the fact pleasurably that they exist great quantity of species different arborícolas, and that to the foot of them he/she appears the botanical name and the in short common of the tree. We can see, among other, wild manzanos, disks, black pines, cherry trees, maples, etc. And the best in this class of practical nature is that the " classroom " is of an extreme beauty and the " professor " allows to relax in each step of the road. 

In autumn we also have the possibility to find abundant classes of mushrooms, some of them so appreciated as the " robellones " or níscalos, wild mushrooms and the abundant " lepiota ". The guides remember whenever if you don't know the mushrooms you don't eat them." A good form of learning is to catch a mushroom of each species and to become trained it to somebody that knows them. (Spanish society of Micología) so that it indicates us which is or not eatable. This way, the following time that we come out to the field we will be able to recognize some of them. 

To catch the mushrooms it is not necessary to destroy the environment neither all the undergrowths that you see to dig. It is also necessary to get used to cut the foot of the mushroom with a knife and not to pull up the plant of the floor. 

The road that he/she reflects beside the stream continue and we observe that the water disappears, in this point we force the ascent, always toward the left of the road that we were traveling. At some hundred of meters we find a hedge but we don't jump him, we continue to the left up until arriving to the forest hint. Although this last tract is mount to inclination, it doesn't involve any difficulty.

I really have the aching feet. Finally we arrive to the forest hint, we continue for her toward the right about three hundred meters until an explanada.Allí the car of the keepers that there is of guard in the pick is. Immediately to our left we see the one stylized pick of Penyagolosa challenging us to that we climb a little more. 

The ascension to the summit for the north hillside is full with pines. We go by several abandoned farmhouses, the last one the But dels Arcs and next we cross the highway that ascends toward valley where he/she settles the Monastery. This part already heavier than the previous itinerary. It is advisable to use sport footwear and to be possible boots, since the land near the summit is very loose and so much when ascending as when lowering we run the risk of suffering twists in the feet. 

We take a highway asphalted to go by a recess area that you/they are enlarging, with barbecues, sources, banks etc. everything so that the visitors have a good time beside the car. Poor forest of pines that he has left little life! 

It begins to darken when we arrive at the Monastery of San Joan of Panyagolosa. They form it a series of constructions, around a square and an old elm tree. Here we restore forces since it is a housing. They encourage us to the ascension since it is quite marked to be a very stepped land. From the skirt and depending on the rhythm can take a long time between 30 and 60 minutes in crowning the summit. Us, in little less than 50 minutes The panoramic view is of indescribable beauty. The altitude of 1.814 meters lifts a wind racheado and cold that he/she seems to crawl to the abyss. In the summit we find the hut of the keepers. In her for the part of it was, there is a poster with the questions that can formulate. Alone I have words of gratitude toward my route partners for the opportunity of enjoying this show, of living the full Nature

The Mediterranean and the castle of Peníscola


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