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The Route Across the Maestrazgo. From the mountains to the sea


We continue our walk through the history and we go to Culla. The heights of the municipality oscillate between 395 m and the 1.121 originating deep ravines, numerous caves and chasms, what provides a strong natural attractiveness and of the landscape to that mountainous area. Culla has its origins in prehistoric times, although one ignores its historical data until the Middle Age. Apparently it was not Roman domain but Muslim passing to Christian hands in 1233. 

In the distance it highlights by the imposing frontispiece of the wall. Sprinkled of farmhouses, this town, on the right shore of the Seco river, it is dominated by the remains of a castle. As other towns of this district of Castellón, after being reconquered in the year 1294, they passed to the hands of the templarios. 

In Culla we meet with our route friends, young of the area and the best guides to give us that promised bath of ecological essences, in the municipality that surrenders homage to the "La Carrasca ". In fact in the surroundings of the Montlleó River, beside the source of the Molinar with abundant fresh water, we contemplate the famous La Carrasca of Culla", declared monumental tree of the Comunidad Valenciana with 20 m, of height and about 7m circumference in the trunk, 35 diameter meters in the branches and a considered weight 75 tons.

They are numerous the landscapes that we can enjoy along the 9 judicial districts in those that the extensive municipal term is divided with ravines, mediterranean vegetation partly razed by the fires, great quantity of sources, caves and good signaling for the hiking. The farm houses in the heart of the mountain make us feel outside of the real time, even the sundial of the square of the town seems has stopped so that, without hurry, we could taste a "Tombet amb caragols blancs" a delicious autochthonous plate to which we have be invited by some compatriots as an expression of hospitality. 

We camp in the " Cullola " a municipal area at 2 Km of Culla. Tomorrow we will leave toward Benasal and we will climb to the Penyagolosa, a pick of 1. 814 meters over the sea level. The cold is considerable, In an improvised campfire they count us really curious histories of the life of these people in the district of the Alto Maestrazgo, towns that keep its history zealously in Municipal and Parochial Historical Files, documents of incalculable documental value as " Venta de los Hebatges" of Culla and other many parchments that are still to study.


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