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Thermal Route corssing Andorra, the country of the Pyrenees


We return to the reality and we go for a walk for the village of ?Engordany that has other attractiveness as its varied museums Scald. We stop in the curious Museum of the Scale models of the Arte Románico. Any person that comes closer to visit him will also have the pleasant surprise of being gathered in oneself space the main monuments of the Principality of Andorra. To reduced scale: the churches more representative románicas and the Each of the Vall as well as any altarpiece. The entrance is gratuitous.



Continuing for the avenue Carlemany arrives to the square dels Coprínceps, from where one can see the interesting one "he/she Marries of the Creu" the modernist architect's Josep Pui project i Cadafalch. For the sweet-toothed ones, I warn important. In the pastry Estopiñan some almond candies and honey are elaborated," flors of the neu" (flowers of snow) Delicious!

We leave the town in address toward Encamp and following the walk for the bank of the river Valira arrives at the Square of Santa Anna. Here we find a cross of term of Gothic tradition, the old bridge of Engordany. We still have left time to ascend to the Lake of Engolasters, to go for a walk for the roads that surround their environment and to visit the church of Sant Miguel of Engolasters, a recoleto tempers románico.

But before returning to Spain we take the highway CG-2, to stop in the sanctuary of the Verge of Meritxell. In the year 1873 the General Consell declared to Our Mrs. of Meritxell, Employer of the Valleys of Andorra.

The church of 1658 rises on a building románico of which is only perceived the plant of the apse and the wall of the west. September of 1972, 8 night of the festivity, a fire destroys the building and the image of Our burns Mrs. of Meritxell, a size románica of final of the XII century and other object of artistic value besides the head ornamentation, works of the painting Oromí of the Seo of Urgel.

The project of a new sanctuary that was inaugurated in 1976, was taken charge to the shop of architecture of Ricardo Bofill. This new building was inspired so much by the Andorran románico as in the big centers monastic Catalan, with elements of the Florentine rebirth and of the Islamic art.

We return. To the south of Andorra the Vella the highway national CG-1 enfila the frontier toward Seu of Urgell (Lérida). It leaves of the French group he/she stays in Andorra. The proposal is the tourist circuit Andorra the Vella ?Escaldes for the highway of the Coll of the Comella and to enjoy the wonderful landscape that he/she offers the valley of the Valira. In the farewell we promise to repeat the route. The termoludismo is in fashion in Europe.


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