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Thermal Route corssing Andorra, the country of the Pyrenees


In the last decade of the XX century, the Comú of Scald-Engordany, he/she takes the tourist initiative of Andorra and keeping in mind that their territory has a natural wealth of thermal waters, it proposes a new healthy activity in the mountain. The project Heats up. 

My French route partners are grown impatient. They have references that the French architect Jean ?Michel Ruols, creator of the Park of Asterix and specialist in aquatic architecture are the responsible for the design of the Centro Termo Lúdico of Andorra. 

The reality overcomes any expectation on this modern building, and it confirms to J. Michel Ruols like a great scenographer of the water and great teacher in the difficult art of building solid elements starting from a flowing element as the water. It heats up it is for the Andorran the proposal lúdica of the third millennium in tourism of health. It is a tourist ingredient more for the Country of the Pyrenees that has everything. 

The thermal circuit stops in it Heats up. The waters mineromedicinales becomes juguetonas and overflowing imagination vaporizes until the ice; in form of hot jets and fresher cascades; grottos, geysers and saunas; bathrooms of vapor and "hammam", expression of the culture of the water from the Romans to the Turks or Japanese. It is simply the water that he/she gives magic and beauty for the urban man's well-being. 

In Scald, the aquatic complex of it Heats up it is as a futurist town transplanted to the mountain. It is an invitation to enter and to know another dimension of the termaslismo: the water heater ludismo. To discover that the health is well a that we should take care and at the same time, to learn how to enjoy the health. A game of words like it is played with the lights in the water or the atmosphere is perfumed to create a harmonious interrelation between the body and the water. It is what we really need for that the thermal baths are a therapy to improve quality of life. Amusement, emotional balance and health. 

From the foundations until the tip of the tower, this work 31.000 square meters, with 80 meters high and 65 meters wide, this sculpture with forms futurist is carried out with technical of construction of vanguard.

Built according to the seismic norms?7 on the scale of Richter - it Heats up it gathers all the guarantees of security of operation construction. In accordance with the norms of the C.E.E. and the French, the structures of the center rest on some foundations perfectly seated on very hard rock that was discovered in the first excavations. 

This architecture thermal futurist impresses. As much as the mountains pirenáicas that is work of engineering of the nature. If up to now we have given ourselves an art bathroom and culture for Andorra, the whole group of friends ruteros that you/they accompany us in the healthy route already bets to take to the practice the termoludismo. A therapeutic concept that is also known as Wellness in Europe.


And without more we enter in the sanctuary of the termalismo lúdico, in the aquatic complex of it Heats up. The engineering antisísmica, the heavy infrastructures of the group of the 500 parking squares, the tower, the thermal baths and the commercial gallery is as impressive as the interior of the complex. Marble, granite and nonskid pressed sandstone, they cover a surface of about 10.000 square meters. The glass walls allow to attenuate the effect hothouse and to reinforce the crystalline aspect of the building. 

The thermal waters of 68 extracted º of a source of Scald-Engordany they are used, after being treated, in the interior and external pools. Their calories recover for the air conditioning of the center and for the maintenance of the temperatures of the water. We are in it Heats up where everything is real or it will be imagination. 

Because we imagine a reserved space where the light, the escape and the well-being make forget the estrés and the routine. An unique place where, in any time of the year we can re to find the balance and the vitality with the benefits of the termoludismo and to dedicate time to the relaxation, the escape and the beauty. 

Always accompanied by a suggestive and welcoming decoration. To be able to enjoy an Aztec bathroom or a bathroom of grapefruits that soften and they strengthen our skin. To sit down in hot marbles that diminish the muscular tension and the back pain for the heat. To relax in beds of water and finally, to take a natural juice in the aquatic bar. 

This is the termoludismo. A world of sensations. The water like relax and amusement.


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