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Thermal Route corssing Andorra, the country of the Pyrenees


The name of Scald, of Roman origin, he/she makes reference to the sulfurous waters that are plentiful in the region, waters that sprout amid the old helmet or in far away places and that they constitute the economic motor of this town. The existence of a source of thermal water considered as one of the hottest from Europe contributed to promote the birth of the first hotels ?balnearios: Hotel Valira, Hotel Pla, Hotel Muntanya and Hotel Carlemany. 

These buildings presented a mixture of French influences and Catalan characteristic of border areas of the Pyrenees, although they maintain a constant integration to the natural means provided by the local stone, essential element of the walls of the new thermal architecture. 

In 1862 the Hotel Pla worked as hotel SPA. The Bathrooms of Muntanya (one of the entrances the Hotel Carlemany that is intact) he/she also offered their guests the possibility to take a bath. For it, he/she was let a bathtub, property of Pere of the Massana, like he/she was known, and for 10-15 cents a day, one enjoyed placidly, of a healthy thermal bathroom. If somebody wanted to take a bath in you Scald he/she had to warn with several days of advance so that a mule lowers the Bathtub, according to documentation facilitated by Pro Turisme d´Escaldes-Engordany you/he/she United it. 

In 1947 when Andorra suffers some catastrophic spates it is in ruins the whole thermal environment. In 1948 the Hotel Carlamany is built concluding the work in 1953, its inauguration supposes an advance in the thermal treatment when having bathtubs, skillful to pressure and even individual saunas. The hotel spa stays to full yield until in the nineties he/she closes. 

Without losing their emblemático design, an imposing stone figure, their arches and wrought iron balconies, high roofs and thermal waters, the Hotel completely remodeled Carlemany, it is a thermal paradise amid the urban atmosphere. The Thermal Baths, they are located on foot of spring of sulfurous waters whose properties physical-chemical remineralizantes and relajantes, are effective for the treatment and prevention of illnesses as well as the maintenance of the health and the well-being. 
Following our itinerary arrives at other central hotel spa, Roc Blanc. Their construction is more recent. The springs that spring from the sources of Scald him they provide waters, rich in ions, sulfates, sodium, carbon and silica. In the seventies he/she enters in operation dedicating their activity to the beauty, health and well-being. In 1982 it enlarged and it modernized their facilities, being also today a thermal center of reference in Balneoterapia with programs of treatments anti-estrés. It is also center of plastic surgery and aesthetics.

Central Hotel Spa, Roc Blanc


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