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Thermal Route corssing Andorra, the country of the Pyrenees


Until the year 1978, Scald-Engordany and Andorra la Vella formed a single parish. In fact the neurálgic center of the trade of the Principality is located along an avenue of about 10 kilometers that has two names: the avenue of Meritxell in Andorra la Vella and the avenue Carlemany in the tract of Scald ?Engordany. As well there are indicators that welcome the visitor as he goes toward a population or the other one. 

It is, therefore, the last parish following the formal order of Andorra. The economic and demographic growth of both forced to this separation. In fact, Scald-Engordany it is conformed by the old town of Les Scald and by the youngest on in Engordany. Anyway, the political division is imperceptible in the natural urban landscape. 

We cross that frontier that is to say, we pass to the other street, and we are already in Scald-Engordany. It is in fact in the avenue Carlemany, and in the Hotel Termes Carlemany, where we meet with the remainders travelers that are arriving from the different places of France and Spain to make the route.of the health. 

The development of this town, located in the somber area of the valley, took place from the begining of the XV century with the appearance of a factory of fabrics that took advantage of the hot water to wash and to tint the wool. Initially, the most important nucleus in the parish was Engordany, in the sunshine of the valley, but due to the economic growth of Scald it was absorbed quickly. 
Again it was the specialization in a certain product, that made that Scald becoming an independent parish. I refer to the thermal waters that flow in the 32 public sources to a temperature above the 60º. Taking advantage of this natural wealth, we begin an new itinerary, following the route of the different springs that exist in this town.

Roc del Metge


Very next to this Hotel, is "The Roc of the Metge", a representative source of the wealth of the thermal water of Scald. The whole group meets in this place, starting point of the thermal itinerary. It is as the sanctuary of the thermal water that travels for the bowel of the Pyrenees. We can see how the water sprouts to the temperature of 70 degrees, what transforms it into one of the hottest sources in Europe. 

Given the scarce documentation available to know the origin of this source, the Director and personal of Termes Carlemany kindly they inform us that the name of "Roc of the Metge" came from a French doctor that bought it with intention of building a thermal grotto. In the face of the impossibility of carrying out their project left to their country. 

The "Quart" (gentlemen of Scald that somehow conformed the City council ) acquired the mentioned source. Approximately 20 years ago they passed over the stone to make a grotto to rest, with drops of hot water that were falling. When winning the elections the opposition, the project came to a standstill. 

In the year 1985-86 the Comú (Old Quart) had the intention of making a reconstruction of the thermal water in Andorra modernizing their canalization so that to be distributed to the whole Parish of you Scald. This idea was off to take the project ahead of it Heats up. 

For the lovers of the philately to remember that, in the series of stamps of denominated Mail Europe that had as motto "The water, as natural wealth", the Principality of Andorra emitted the day 16 of May of 2001, a reason dedicated to the hot source of The Roc of the Metge. The design is an adaptation of Miguel Plaza Torralba of the Real House of Moneda ?F.N.M.T. Faithful to its political radio station, of the stamp of 75 pesetas of facial are had form 300.000 units.

At the present time, it is once the main tourist attractiveness of the area consolidated their spas and saunas, to be a great center water heater mountain lúdico, it Heats up, well-known internationally. Engordany is a less rural territory, literally together to you Scald, in the hillside of the mount of Padern and in the proximities of the lake Engolaters.


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